My Winter Skincare Routine with cruelty-free natural products

Winter Skincare Routine with cruelty-free products

Hi. Today I’m back with an interesting post. From the title you might have known that its about my winter skincare routine. Some might not find it interesting but I love to to read others skincare routines and know the various products they use. During the summers I did write a skincare routine post and somehow it ended up in the pending posts and never got published. After my pregnancy I totally got busy that I neglected to follow my skincare routine religiously and couldn’t post one. Now that my cutie pie is 5 months old and has got a her own schedule of eating and sleeping, I could get some time to take care of my skin. I have been following this routine for the past couple of days and I hope to continue it. When it comes to skincare I try to stick to natural products as all the makeup I use is enough to do the bad on my skin. And just when I was about to pen down this post I realized that all the products I use are cruelty-free and are Indian brands. (that’s the reason for the title of the post). Before I start I’ll tell you my skin type. I have oily to combination skin that gets dry and itchy at times, so you can say it is a little sensitive too. So let’s get started.

Morning Skincare Routine:


Face Wash :

If you follow me on Instagram you would have known that recently I ordered quite a few products from Aroma Essentials so it’s a given that you’ll see them in my routine. In the morning,  I use the Aroma Essentials Neem Face Wash which is meant for oily acne prone skin. This is so gentle on the skin and cleanses my skin very well making my skin so soft and silky to touch. I have been using it for a week now and I am quite impressed with it. A full review of all their products will be up once I finish them.


I used to use alcohol free toners but nowadays I have totally switched to rose waters. So after cleansing, I just spritz some Kama Ayurveda Rose Water on my face. This gives an instant cooling and refreshing effect. I am already on my second bottle and I am so much in love with this. It’s a bit pricey for a rose water but totally worth it.


After toning, I use a serum. I started using them sometime back when I received my first Votre serum in one of my Fab Bag. Currently I am using the Just Herbs Elixir Serum as that one got over. I like the Just Herbs one more as this is slightly more hydrating. When it comes to serums less is more as these are concentrated, so I take 3 drops on my palm, and just pat it on my face. It sinks into my skin in a jiff and feels very light on the skin. Remember serums are not moisturizers, so you need to apply a separate moisturizer. ( But I don’t ! )

Sun Block:

Depending upon the sun block I use, I decide whether to use a moisturizer or not. If the sun block is hydrating, I do not use a separate moisturizer. That’s the reason why I do not use one at the moment. The Aroma Essentials Carrot Sun Block I use now is quite moisturizing on its own and I don’t want to make my oily skin more heavy by applying both. This sun block is a zinc oxide based physical sunscreen that contains SPF 30 which I feel is enough for the winter season as the sun is not too bright and I stay indoors most of the time.

Under Eye Care:

This is a step many of us skip. But once you are 25+ , it is ideal to incorporate one so as to prevent any wrinkles, crow feet and dark circles. Since I do not have any major concerns around my eye area, I use the Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel that is very lightweight and nourishes my under eye area efficiently. This does take care of my occasional puffiness caused due to sleepless nights.

Lip care:

My skincare routine never ends without a lip balm. That too in winters it is a must for me as my lips are prone to drying and chapping. Currently I am using the Skincafe Vanilla Lip butter and The Nature’s Co. Cherry Lip Butter Gloss. I alternate between them and both of them are natural and are very moisturizing.

Night Time Routine:

My night time routine is pretty much the same. Instead of the Aroma Essentials Face Wash. I use the Just Herbs Silksplash Face Wash as I feel it clears every bits of dirt and I was using this one prior to getting the Aroma Essentials face wash. It’s one of my favorite so I am just going to continue it until it gets over. And then I Follow it up with Kama Ayurveda Rose Water, Just Herbs Elixir Serum and instead of sun block I use the Shea Moist from Aroma Essentials as a moisturizer cum night cream. And I of course the lip balm.

Week End Pampering:


Face Scrub:

Twice a week I scrub my face and I use the Biotique Bio-Papaya Tan Removal Scrub. This is my go to face scrub and the best I have used so far. The best part it doubles up as face mask. I usually steam my face, take a little of the scrub, gently exfoliate my face and leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off. It works great for tan removal and makes my skin brighter and gives the right amount of hydration with no dryness.

Face Pack:

As I said previously I used the same Biotique Bio-Papaya Tan Removal Scrub as a face pack. Occasionally I use the Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Mask as I am trying to finish it off. If I am not lazy and have loads of time I make my own face packs with kitchen ingredients.

Body care:


Body Wash :

Currently I am using the Soultree Amla, Aloe & Rejuvenating Manjistha Shower Gel. Again this is my second bottle. I wanted to try something new but was confused so ended up buying the same. This one smells amazing and gives a luxurious bathing experience.

Body Scrub:

I scrub my body once in a while and not regularly. I am currently using the Skin Yoga Coffee Scrub which I got in one of my Fabbag. This coffee scrub smells like coffee and feels so great on the skin. Honestly if  not getting it in Fab bag I would not buy this as it is so pricey. On other days I generally like to DIY my body scrubs using olive oil and sugar mixture.

Body Oil:

Since my body skin is more drier during the winters, I use Bio Bloom After Bath Oil which took a back shelf during the summers. It is so moisturizing and I use this only when I am at home as the sandalwood fragrance is quite strong and I don’t want people around me to notice it.

Body Butter:

If I am not using the body oil, I use The Nature’s Co Irish Moss Body Butter which is so moisturizing and keeps my dry skin free from flaking. This one smells good, does not feel oily and feels very comfortable on the skin.

Foot care:


Foot Scrub:

As a foot scrub, I am using the Vedic Line Spa Foot Scrub on and off as I do not like it but do not want to waste my hard earned money, so I decided to just finish it off. After scrubbing I use a pumice stone to gently get rid off the left over scrub residue.

Foot Cream:

After all the scrubbing , I just massage a small amount of Aroma Magic Foot Cream on my feet. It moisturizes and repairs my dry heels keeping them away from cracks.


So that’s all about my winter skincare routine. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you like this post, please share and follow me. That would mean a lot to me 🙂 So do you follow your skincare routine regularly? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. See you all again soon. Take care, bye and,

Stay Beautiful♥

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    I need to try this Kama Ayurveda rose water and Just herbs serum 🙂 Loved reading this article <3

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    Himalaya’s personal care product range-shampoo, lotion etc-is cruelty free. Plus they are easily available and reasonably priced.

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