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TheBeautyInsideOut is a one stop destination for all things beauty. Discover new makeup products, trending skincare ingredients, haircare routines, quick effective DIY’s and also the latest beauty news in the industry. You can find genuine product reviews on TheBeautyInsideOut. We cover a diverse range of products from natural, organic brands to science based skincare brands to affordable pharmacy brands and even the much asian beauty brands. Simply put, find all things beauty , one that makes you beautiful from inside & outside in this blog, TheBeautyInsideOut.

Well, a little about me.

My name is Safiya and I’m based out of India. Technically I’m an Engineer, who ventured into skincare due to recurrent acne problems. I’ve had acne since my teenage years and I can vouch that getting into the skincare bandwagon has totally changed my skin for good. Now that I’m in my early 30’s, I know what goes well with my skin. I like to try out new products and that’s when this blog happened. I share my experience with various products in this space. Since I can’t try each and every product that’s out there, I have a couple of skincare enthusiastic writers who share their experience as well. If you are one among them, feel free to check out the Work With Us page. 

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