7 Forest Essentials Products Review : Best and Worsts

Forest Essentials

As you all know, Forest Essentials is a Luxurious Ayurvedic Skincare Brand. I’ve been wanting to try  Forest Essentials Products since a while and I was really confused on what to pick from the brand as most of their products are expensive. I didn’t want to risk on a product that wouldn’t work for me, so I decided to buy the Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Kit which retails at 2100 INR. This is almost like a starter kit that will let you explore the brand’s various products. The products may look tiny, but these are deluxe sized samples of 50 ml each which will last for more than two weeks. I’m so happy with my purchase along which I got a sample of the popular Soundarya Beauty Body Oil. Above all, the packaging in which the products came is indeed luxurious and fabulous. It was neatly packed in baby pink box with bow tied to it. This kit would be a beautiful gift to a bride to be. I simply loved how beautifully packed it arrived at my doorstep.

Coming to the products, after using them for 15 days, I have come to share my experience with them. I had tried these at the beginning of December when the weather was cold and my skin was dry and dehydrated. Let’s get started with the detailed reviews.

1.Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rose Water

Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rose Water

This is a chemical free face wash prepared on the basis of traditional ayurvedic recipe. True to its name, this is a delicate cleanser that would universally suit all skin types. The facial cleanser has the look of honey, being golden yellow in color, but the consistency is not that of honey. Rather it is liquidy and thinner. Despite that only tiny drop of the cleanser is enough to effectively pull out dirt from my skin. Even if I used more quantity the results are the same. So it is ideal to use just a little of the product. Why waste your money! The fragrance is something that has to be talked about. It smells so heavenly. A high note of fresh roses with a hint of citrusy lemon. Its pure divine. Like all face washes, the scent doesn’t linger, but gives a calming effect to my senses.

The cleanser does not foam up heavily and produces a mild lather which I don’t mind at all. The cleanser rinses off easily as there is no slippery residue which usually requires multiple rinses. Finally, once pat dried, my skin looks cleaner and velvety soft to touch. What I loved most about this cleanser is that it does not dry out the skin while at the same time it does not leave that slippery layer of moisture which I hate. It leaves the skin hydrated and healthy. Sometimes I like to delay the application of toner and moisturizer, to enjoy the softness it gives to my skin. This cleanser also makes my skin more breathable.

Overall, I absolutely loved this cleanser. I am always on the look out for gentle cleansers for my morning routine and this sure has filled that space. I would highly highly recommend this product to anyone.

Rating: 4.8/5.

Where to buy? Amazon US or Amazon India

2. Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Facial Toner

Forest Essentials Pure Rose Water Facial Toner

I have tried a lot of rose waters ranging from 100%natural, organic ones to fragrance oil infused commercial ones. Seeing many people raving about this toner, I had high expectations from this toner. Like all rose water, this looks like clear water but has a faint fragrance of fresh roses. This is the least fragranced rose water I’ve ever used. It is not at all overwhelming and is very subtle on the nose. Coming to its effects, I usually apply using a cotton ball and it is the most effective way according to me. It instantly closes the pores and firms up my skin. It adds a subtle softness to my skin. But this toner is not very hydrating. It gives a tightening effect and leaves my skin matte. Oily skin types will love this rose water. It did not sting or cause any adverse reactions on my skin. I neither tried using this as a facial mist nor in my face packs.

Summarizing I liked this toner, but did not love it. Considering the price, this one is high end so I wished it did a little more to my skin. I would skip this product. I prefer something more hydrating.

Rating: 3.5/5

Where to buy? Amazon(US) or Amazon(In)

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3. Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Aloe Vera & Sandalwood

Forest Essentials Sunscreen Lotion Aloe Vera & Sandalwood

This is more of a daily moisturizer rather a sunscreen. It says it protects from UV rays but doesn’t state its SPF value or if its broad spectrum. It does have some good natural ingredients in it along with Yasad Bhasma. Yasad Bhasma is nothing but an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Zinc, which means this is basically a Zinc Oxide Based Physical Sunscreen.

This sunscreen has a lotion consistency slightly on the thinner side which eases the entire application. It spreads so easily and soaks into the skin within seconds. Unlike many mineral sunscreens, this does not have any white particles nor does it leave a white cast. The lotion is slightly moisturizing and would suit oily skin types very well. Dry skin types will surely need a moisturizer beneath it.

I had been using this in the current non-sunny cold weather and it served it purpose well acting as a decent sunscreen. However, I would suggest going for a broad spectrum sunscreen if you are going to go under full sunlight. I personally loved this sunscreen as my daily moisturizer/day cream. The formula is nice, mattifying and did not break me out. Above all, it has a really nice fragrance of sandalwood that will be loved by all.

Rating: 4.6/5 (as a day cream/moisturizer)

4. Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub

Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub? I am loving the name of this scrub. Not only that, when I learnt the way in which it’s prepared, I was amazed to see that there are still brands that actually prepare products based on Ayurveda. A variety of fruits and natural plant extracts are fermented by placing them in terracotta jars buried under the ground for many months. And then blended with herbs, roots and flower infusions to create a highly nourishing and deep cleansing scrub. Impressive right? So I was! Coming to the product, it smells very raw and natural with a mix of peaches and dates. And yes since it’s fermented it smells a bit rotten and acidic, but that has nothing to do with quality of the product. Some might like its pure, organic smell, but it was a bit turn off for me. Also, the organic fragrance tend to linger post cleansing too.

The scrub is dark reddish brown in color with a thick consistency and paste like texture. The natural scrubbing particles are of varying sizes but the presence of tiny walnut & apricot like granules could be felt on the skin. I prefer taking a little of the scrub and massage in gentle strokes on my wet face. Otherwise it becomes difficult to spread the scrub on dry face. The scrub amazingly removes my blackheads and clears out dirt from my pores. The scrub is harsh on the skin so I used it very gently. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin super smooth and soft to touch. I loved how smooth my skin was left thereafter throughout the day. It did not strip off natural oils from my skin making it dry or stretchy. Definitely try this before applying makeup, it would enhance the look of your makeup by giving a flawless base.

Overall, this is a really nice scrub that gives a beautifully polished and glowing skin.

Rating: 4.2/5

Where to buy? Amazon(US) or Amazon(India)

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5. Forest Essentials Luscious Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm

Forest Essentials Luscious Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm

This is my least favourite product in the entire kit. The only reason for my hate; it tastes weird. I can even use strongly scented ones but bad taste is a big No for me. This reminds me of Iraya Vanilla Lip Balm.

The Forest Essentials luscious lip balm is made from fresh rose petals soaked in Honey. It also has Organic Beeswax which is a common filler in most lip balms. Despite that, this does not feel waxy at all and is quite light on the lips. The lip balm is free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum products.

It has a strong, artificial rose fragrance and a correlating pale pink colour to it, although it applies completely colourless on my lips. It instantly adds a layer of moisture and keeps the lips supple and plump for two to three hours after which reapplication is needed. Due to its taste, I didn’t use the lip bam much. But the times I used it, I did not find it healing on my chapped lips. It just works for a few hours. Once the lip balm wears off, my lips are back to square one. In all, a luscious lip balm that doesn’t work.

Rating: 2/5

Where to buy? Amazon(US) or Amazon(India)

6. Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Saffron Night Treatment Cream

Forest Essentials Facial Cream Sandalwood and Saffron

Generally I avoid using heavy creams for the fear of breakouts. And the first time I opened this tub of Sandalwood and Saffron Cream, I thought I would never use this. The cream was sitting in there in the tub with its rich and creamy look. But it was otherwise. The facial cream has a nice gel to cream consistency that is not greasy or heavy on the skin. It has a beautiful aroma of sandalwood and saffron which is soothing to my senses. The scent is a big plus for me. It’s mild, non-bothering and fades away in a couple of minutes after application.

Currently my skin has been asking for more hydration and moisture and this cream has satisfied its needs. The milky white cream spreads and blends properly without much efforts. It sinks in right away and gives a silky soft skin. I’ve been using this cream majorly during the nights, as that’s the time skin is not disturbed and efficiently repairs itself. This cream certainly helped to rejuvenate my skin and I always woke up with a plump and radiant skin. It helped to fade away my new acne marks slightly after using it everyday for 15 days. It didn’t lead to new pimple but at the same time it did not dry out active acne. It works without disturbing them.

The brands says this is a night treatment cream, but I had tried it during the day as well as the weather is so cold here and it worked pretty well on my now dehydrated skin. The formula is light and so this would not satisfy the needs of dry to very dry skin types. This facial cream performs well on oily, normal and combination skin as a night cream and dry skin types can use this as a day cream.

Overall, although it doesn’t show any dramatical results, it is a nice cream that is light and comfortable on the skin. It balances the skin’s moisture level and repairs the skin throughout the night, making me wake up to a glowing skin everyday.

Rating: 4.5/5

Where to buy? Amazon India

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7. Forest Essentials Soundarya Beauty Body Oil

The USP of the product gives the impression of a rich and luxurious product with the presence of 24 Karat Gold Bhasma. The other precious ingredients like Extracts of Turmeric Root, Saffron and Sandalwood makes it sound even more lavish. The beauty oil can be used both as a pre-bath and post bath. I used it only as a post bath replacing my body butter. The oil has a dense consistency with a reddish hue. The fragrance is a mix of Sesame Oil and Sandalwood with hints of few other herbs. It smells nice and delicate and does not linger for long.

I take a little of the oil and start massaging on semi-damp skin. I take about two minutes to massage and the oil gets absorbed into the skin by that time and leaves it nourished. Compared to other massage oils, this one is quite fast absorbing. The oil does not stain or stick to the clothes. It completely soaks into the skin and leaves the skin moisturized. My body skin is usually on the drier side and now it has become even more drier and flaky due to the harsh cold weather. I used it in the night and the next morning my skin dryness were reduced by 50%, not completely though. Due to that, I did not see any improvement in skin’s elasticity or firmness. I still needed something even more moisturizing on my extremely dry body skin. On to its skincare benefits, it did not give me any extra softness or smoothness that I was expecting.

Overall, Forest Essentials Soundarya Beauty Body Oil is a Gold Bhasma Infused Massage Oil that keeps the skin moisturized for a few hours. Considering it’s huge price tag, this doesn’t show any extraordinary results and a normal body lotion/body butter can easily replace this oil. The oil is more suitable for normal to dry skin types. Very dry skin types wouldn’t be satisfied with its moisturizing abilities.

Rating: 3.5/5

Where to buy? Amazon India

Final Thoughts On Forest Essentials Products

Luxurious! It’s Luxurious. I love the quality of all the products except the weird taste of the lip balm. To my surprise, products(facial cream and sunscreen) that I thought would not suit me performed so well. Listing down below some plus and minuses of Forest Essentials Products.


  • Packaging. Its opulent. The facial indulgence kit makes a beautiful bridal gift. Even the individual packaging of the products are rich and splendid. They usually come in glass jars and bottles which is definitely a catch for the consumers.
  • Fragrance. All of them smell so organic and pure. They are naturally fragranced yet none of them were too overwhelming. Most of them are subtle and refreshing.
  • Formula. Products are prepared in the traditional way based on Ayurvedic Recipes and some of them are handmade such as their soaps. Most of the products in this kit left my skin extra soft.
  • Vegetarian and Cruelty Free. They never test their products on animals. Their products are vegetarian, not vegan though as they use beeswax, honey, milk, etc which are animal derived ingredients.


  • The biggest flaw – No disclosure of full ingredient list. I do get the feel of using pure and safe products when I use FE products. BUT the title Key Ingredients always irks me!
  • Price. No doubt we all love affordable products. The brand is expensive. If not for this kit, I wouldn’t have got the chance to try any FE product.

That’s all I have to say about this Luxurious Ayurveda Brand. I want the brand to introduce more such kits at reasonable prices.

Don’t forget to share your Best and Worst Forest Essentials Products in the comments section below. Also, if you would like to keep updated on similar posts of other brands, do subscribe.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a small commission for the products purchased through that link. My opinions and reviews about the products remains honest and are not influenced in any case.

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  1. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says:

    Sounds so good esp. the Sandal cream 😍
    Wish they were priced a bit lower

  2. Very nice and detailed review. I have used the fruit scrub and night cream in the list and liked them so much. I was thinking of trying the lip balm. But now I think I will skip it…


  3. No doubt forest essential k products bahit effective hain per inka price dekh kar hi himmat jawab de jaati hai 🙈🙈

  4. Priya Chandan says:

    i’ve been using the soundarya ubtan, soundarya radiance cream, and the canesugar-citrus body polisher, and they literally got the glow out of my skin. I personally like them so much, highly recommend them for normal skin for better brightness to the skin.

  5. Is forest essential from India, and is it pure ayurveda

    1. Yes, Forest Essentials is from India and is an Ayurveda Based Brand. Another similar Ayurveda Brand you could check out is Kama Ayurveda


    I am using forest essential hair cleanser and face wash since long and both these two are excellent in doing their job The hair cleanser had stopped my hair fall and the saffron face wash cleans really well witha small amount so that a bottle lasts more than two mnths

  7. Deepika Ray says:

    I cam’t even figure it out that how they made such a product. I used soundrya radiance and it was like wowww… Just loving this brand. Gonna try above mentioned products as well. Thanks for sharing this amazing list.

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