8 Best chemical free face wash in India – No sulphates – No parabens

Best chemical free face wash

Even though we love certain chemical based products, there wouldn’t be anyone who isn’t aware of its bad effects. Using them on long term basis is a definite No No. How much ever products I try, I always come back to chemical free face washes. Precisely I stick to my DIY Facial cleanser which is in a dry form. But when I’m lazy and need a ready to use face wash, I would pick one among these. So here comes the list of best chemical free face wash. I love Indian Made products, so this list includes only Indian brands. Ok, Let’s get started.

1. Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Ayurvedic Face Wash

Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash

I love Just Herbs. It is one of those brands that never hides their ingredient list and showcase everything to us. This Neem-Orange face wash is a very mild foaming cleanser. It does not dry out your skin yet cleanses effectively. The face wash has Neem, Sandalwood and Honey which helps to control acne breakouts to a great extent. And yes this face wash is sulphate and parabens free. Read complete review HERE .

Price: 445 INR for 100 ml. Buy HERE.

2. Aroma Essentials Neem Face Wash

Aroma Essentials Neem Face Wash

This is one of a kind chemical free face wash that does not lather even a tiny bit. You apply it like a gel, massage it and rinse it. This face wash gives you a clean and acne free skin. The fragrance and look of it is not that pleasing. However, it performs amazingly well. It leaves your skin soft to touch and hydrated with no dryness at all. Read complete review HERE .

Price: 150 INR for 60 gm. Buy through their Facebook Page.

3. Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash with Turmeric and Honey

Coming from the house of BDIH Natural Certified company, this Soultree face wash is 100% vegetarian. The face wash is free of sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, silicones, phthalates and lead. The Indian Rose Face wash has a strong herbal fragrance but then it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance. It cleanses efficiently and gives a smoothness to your skin. Since it isn’t drying, this is best suitable for normal to dry skin types.

Price: 375 INR for 120 ml. Buy HERE

4. Gulnare Skincare Pumpskin Face Wash

Gulnare Skincare is a luxury skincare brand. Their products are expensive but still worth giving a try. This pumpskin face wash has a drool worthy, sweet pumpkin aroma. It is made with Castile soap(Olive Oil) base, the most gentlest natural cleanser. Also enriched with honey and roseship oil, Pumpskin works to wash away surface impurities while protecting skin’s moisture balance. Above all, it gives you glowy face. This is suitable for even the ultra sensitive skin.

Price: 400 INR for 60 ml. Buy from gulnareskincare.com

5. Rustic Art Organic Neem Basil Face Wash

The chemical free face wash is hand blended with certified organic ingredients. It contains the goodness of Geranium, Juniper, Lavender and Chamomile. The face wash is mildly foaming and cleanses excess oil. The fragrance is also refreshing and subtle. Its non drying formula helps to keep your skin supple. The Neem and Basil in it effectively aids in keeping acne at bay to a great extent. Rustic Art Organic Face Wash is best suited for sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.

Price: 230 INR for 100 ml. Buy HERE.

6. Kronokare City Detox Face Wash

The Kool, Kind and Karing (Kronokare) brand brings us this sulphate, parabens and mineral oil free face wash. It has a super gentle formula yet unclogs pores effectively. All this without disrupting your natural oil balance. It takes away any dullness from your face and gives you a hydrated skin. The city detox face wash is enriched with extracts of flowers and plants and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Price: 495 INR for 100 ml . Buy HERE .

7. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Facial Cleanser

Kama Ayurveda is a very popular brand among natural skincare enthusiasts. This Rose Jasmine facial cleanser is mild on the skin while cleansing thoroughly. The presence of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vetiver Root and Jojoba Oil prevents drying and gives a moisture boost to the skin. Its heavenly floral fragrance is an additional plus. This cleanser falls in the expensive category but don’t worry you will need only one pump each time. It should last more than 6 months even when used daily.

Price: 375 INR for 50 ml. Buy HERE

8.Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser

Yet another luxury skin savior. The delicate facial cleanser from Forest Essentials has a luxurious fragrance that is sure going to wake up your senses. Fortified with a rich blend of Kashmiri Saffron and Neem, the cleanser is 100% free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and petroleum by products. Though it does not lather much, it cleanses without stripping off natural oils. It gives a glow to your face and best suited for combination and dry skin types.

Price: 1175 INR for 200 ml . Buy HERE

So that ends the list of the best chemical free face washes available in India. I hope you found this helpful. If so don’t forget to share and subscribe my blog for more posts like this.

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  1. Loved reading your compilation. My favorite among the list is Aroma Essentials face wash…


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