Fight Free Radicals with the Super Antioxidant Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract

Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract

Taking care of your overall health is as significant as taking care of your skin. We all have been skincare junkies, but some of us really fail to take care of what we gulp down resulting in imbalanced nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are not only needed by kids and children, it is equally important for us adults to have a balanced nutrition to scavenge the bad in our body. In the coming days we are going to see a series of health supplements, the individual benefits of them and how they can be a boon to your health.

Most of you probably would have heard about antioxidants. If not, do you remember seeing anti-aging products rich in antioxidants? Or an expert talking about super foods that are loaded with antioxidants? Still if you are wondering what it is, let me brief it out for you.

Antioxidants? What are they?

Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation. Basically they prevent or stop cell damage caused by oxidants (free radicals). Oxidants naturally occur in your body to ward off viruses and microbes but too much of oxidants can lead to serious health hazards like heart diseases and cancers. They are not only produced naturally in your body but you also get an overload of oxidants through environmental exposure of smoke, pollution, ultra violet radiation, alcohol consumption etc. which can further destruct your cells. So it highly crucial that we uptake antioxidants into our body.


Antioxidants are highly present in bright colored fruits like goji berries, wild blueberries, cranberries, veggies like artichokes cilantro, herbs like clove, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric and and even dark chocolates. Pine Bark Extract is one of them.

What is Pine Bark Extract?

Pine Bark Extract is nothing but the extract taken from the bark of the pine tree, mostly found in the eastern countries. This extract is loaded with Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin compounds (OPC’s) which is a class of flavonoids, a famous anti-inflammatory compound that benefits our cardiovascular system. These powerful free radical scavengers helps our body to reduce oxidative damage.

Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract

The Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract are packed in a convenient travel friendly plastic bottle. It has a screw lid secured with a plastic wrapper and the inner top is further secured with a sealed foil. The capsules are translucent hence the Pine Bark Extract can actually be seen through in the form of a fine powder. These capsules are water soluble, 100% vegetarian, contains no gluten, no fish, no color, no lactose, no salt, no sugar and are easily consumable. As a dietary supplement, the recommended dosage is one capsule per day , however it is best to consult your physician before starting to take any supplements. Pregnant or lactating woman, diabetics, hypoglycemics and people with known medical conditions and taking drugs SHOULD consult with a licensed physician and must take utmost care before taking any dietary supplement.

The Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract 100 mg 100 capsules retails for 1420 INR and can be bought at a highly discounted rate HERE. These have a shelf life of 18 months.

Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract Capsules

Pointing down the Benefits of Pine Bark Extract
  • Pine Bark Extract helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health preventing heart diseases and stroke.
  • It reduces glucose levels hence improving diabetic symptoms.
  • Strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation by supplying oxygen to the cells.
  • Improves ankle and leg edema which is often a result of unhealthy capillary network. Pine bark extract majorly supports capillary health.
  • Supports proper functioning of the brain.
  • It is boon for people with arthritis as Pine Bark Extract aids in reducing inflammations.
  • Last but not the least, It slows down the aging process which is one of the most common concern among us ladies by reducing free radical damage.

Summing up, the destructive free radicals caused by oxidatives are greatly diminished by the intake of Zenith Nutrition Pine Bark Extract, which is considered as one of the most potent antioxidant ever discovered.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. The product should not be substituted for a varied diet. Please consult your doctor before taking these dietary supplements.

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