Why you should NOT use Betnovate Cream For Skin Whitening?

Fair skin has been associated with beauty forever. Especially in a country like ours (no offense) – it starts right from the day a baby is born. People give unsolicited comments on skin tone. And growing up as a kid hearing such things can really lower one’s confidence and self-esteem.

It might be surprising, but many people are still obsessed with fair complexion even in this modern internet era. White skin is thought to be superior (which is not the case) and many still look out for products that can make their skin fair. That’s why there is still a wide market for “skin whitening” products just that they took a different name – “skin lightening”, “skin brightening”.

But the worst thing to happen is people use prescription-based products without prior knowledge of them and then later suffer major side effects.


Betnovate Cream is one such popular product that’s used as a skin whitening cream – despite the utter absence of any relationship between the two. We have thus written a post that explains what Betnovate is and why you should not think about recklessly applying it to your face.

What exactly is Betnovate Cream?

Betnovate is a drug that is used to treat bacterial skin infections. It both prevents and treats eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions like swelling, redness, and itching.

It’s a prescription-based product that shouldn’t be used without consulting a doctor. Though it can be bought over the counter in a country like ours.

What is the composition of Betnovate Cream?

The active ingredient in Betnovate cream is betamethasone, a corticosteroid (a strong steroid). And what is a steroid? It is a very potent medication or substance that is used to treat inflammation by suppressing immune responses.

So, in a nutshell, when inflammation affects a particular body region, the immune system releases chemicals to fight it off, which results in swelling or redness. These chemicals are now prevented from being released by betamethasone, which works on the skin cells in some way. Therefore, it lessens other reactions like swelling and redness. As a result, it lessens additional symptoms such as swelling and redness.

These steroid types are different from the anabolic steroids used by athletes and bodybuilders.

Forms of Betnovate Cream

Betnovate Cream is available in many formulations. The common ones are:

Betnovate C – is a combination of Betamethasone and Clioquinol. Clioquinol is an anti-fungal that can be neurotoxic if used in large doses.

Betnovate N – is a combination of Betamethasone and Neomycin. Neomycin is an antibiotic that shouldn’t be used for longer periods as it can cause bacterial resistance.

Betnovate GM – is a combination of Betamethasone, Gentamicin, and Miconazole. Miconazole is an antifungal and Gentamicin is an antibiotic.


Betnovate Cream is known to help with eczema, and acne, lighten the complexion and improve your overall skin tone. But while initially appearing to work, it’s actually damaging your skin. It can backfire at any time and have reverse effects. Betnovate has ruined many people’s skin, especially those who used it on hearsay. Betnovate has some serious side effects and it should be strictly avoided using this cream for skin whitening.

Why you shouldn’t use Betnovate Cream for Skin Whitening?

1. Betnovate is a Steroid

Betnovate is a corticosteroid. Steroids are potent substances. Thus we don’t want to misuse them or take them unauthorized. Even more so, they are addictive. And the likelihood of side effects increases as the strength of the steroid increases. It might cause problems such as photosensitivity, rosacea, atrophy, and pigmentation, among others.

2. Major side effects

Illicit usage of Betnovate can cause Rashes, Zits, Blisters, Burning sensation at the application site, Redness of skin, Itching of skin, Swelling of face, Skin thinning, Skin Darkening among others. These can happen immediately on application of over long time usage.

3. Increases sensitivity of the skin

In comparison to the rest of the body, the skin of the face and neck is thin and more sensitive. And Betnovate will simply make it even thinner while also making it more photosensitive. Additionally, there are increased chances of developing skin cancer, skin damage, and aging skin.

4. May Increase the growth of Facial Hair

According to certain studies, facial hair has increased among both men and women. It is a side effect of the long-term use of betamethasone. Hair growth normally slows after you stop using it, but it takes some time for hair growth to return to normalcy.

5. Withdrawal Signs

Betnovate withdrawal symptoms such as rashes, redness, or even pimples will appear on the skin if you suddenly stop using it. Skin occasionally has a tendency to get extremely dark and develop black patches. The reason behind this is that Betnovate interferes with the body’s normal corticosteroid production. And restoring normal cortisone leaves takes time.

We also need a second treatment to put it off since the skin becomes addicted. We might start out by reducing its concentration before combining it with emollient lotions and then entirely stopping its usage.


5. It is an anti-inflammatory medication

Its purpose is to alleviate inflammation and bacterial infections. It does not lighten skin or aid in treating acne or pigmentation. When taken often, it actually thins the skin and messes with hormones. Additionally, this is a prescription medication and should not be applied to the face carelessly.

This information should have made it clearer to you why Betnovate is not a skincare item and shouldn’t be experimented with.