Enhance Athletic Performance with Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline

Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Review

The name Citrulline makes me think of an orange drink, something citrusy and tangy. But it is not! Citrulline is actually an amino acid that is very much needed by our body to give cells and tissues the structure. In other words, Amino Acids are very crucial as they the building blocks of our body. In today’s post we shall see about Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Supplement, which is one of the amino acids that are body produces.

What is L-Citrulline?

L-Citrulline is a non essential amino acid, which means you need not take utmost care to include them in your diet as your body is naturally able to produce on its own. L is nothing but the reference to the structure of amino acid and denotes that it can be used to create proteins.

Citrulline is derived from the Latin word, citrullus, meaning Watermelon. Citrulline is abundantly found in Watermelon. Some other food sources include kidney beans, soy beans and peanuts. But as said, you need not worry about counting how much citrulline you get!

But are wondering then why people intake Citrulline Supplements?

Because it boosts sports performance and improves overall health. It plays a vital role to get rid of ammonia, a by-product of intense exercise. This clearing enables the body to recover after a workout, and it frees ATP energy for enhanced uses such as respiration and signal transduction. Citrulline noticeably improves endurance power, muscle growth, decreases muscle soreness, fastens muscle recovery and reduces fatigue . That is why it is widely used among many athletes.

L-Citrulline supplements are also taken to boost L-Arginine Levels which is also an amino acid but an essential one. Which means you need get them through your diet as our body can’t synthesize them. Our kidneys are able to convert L-Citrulline into L-Arginine which boosts nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide helps our arteries and blood vessels to relax thus increasing blood circulation to various organs in our body, thereby preventing various coronary disease. L-Citrulline also detoxifies the liver and plays a major role in the urea cycle, whereby the body eliminates toxic byproducts.

Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Review

Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Capsules are very effective in providing support for athletic performance. These capsules comes housed in a white plastic bottle which are very user-friendly and travel-friendly. Each bottle hold 60 capsules containing 1000mg of L-Citrulline. These capsules are vegetarian, free from salt, sugar, lactose, color and fragrance. These capsules are actually semi-transparent and you can see the powdered form of citrulline inside them. Zenith Nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsules retails for 514 INR , But you can buy them at a highly discounted rate HERE. All these capsules have a shelf life of 18 months.

Summing up the benefits of L-Citrulline
  • Improves physical performance.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Improves Heart Health.
  • Reduces Free Radical Damage.
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Supports Protein Metabolism.
  • Improves Immune Function.

In short, Consumption of Zenith Nutrition L-Citrulline Capsules not only enhances muscular endurance but also restores the lost energy quickly thus becoming a highly resorted supplement by athletic performers.



Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The product is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. The product should not be substituted for a varied diet. Please consult your doctor before taking these dietary supplements.

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