Work it Out : 7 Gym Essentials for Beginners

Gym Essentials for Beginners

A regular exercise routine is really important to keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercising not helps you to loose weight but also aids in boosting your metabolism and staves off from various diseases that occur as we age. Some people prefer exercising at the comfort of their home, some prefer going to gym, be it anywhere it is vital to have certain things ready before starting to work out. Today let us see some of the basic gym essentials which every beginner must consider getting before hitting the gym. Most Online shopping sites have an exclusive category for gym essentials, which makes it very easier for us to explore and buy them.

1. Clothes

You don’t want to wear that tight pants and have an embarrassing moment while doing squats right? Choose well-fitted, comfortable clothes. Loose clothing can be problematic too as it will be a hinder to adjust them while exercising. You will also need to find the right fabric, something lightweight, breathable that soaks up wetness, like synthetic material. You can choose to wear a T-shirt, tank tops in colors that lifts up your mind and pair it with sweatpants, gym shorts or stretchable leggings. Ladies! Do consider getting a comfy sports bra for that extra support.

2. Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is a must when working out. Pick up shoes according to the type of training you will undergo. However, it is always ideal to have running shoes with you if you are a beginner. Ideally, Shoes must be sturdy, well-fit with a cushioned sole and arch support in order to avoid knee or ankle pain post exercise. Puma Shoes are really great for gym training and you get them in a lot of varieties that caters to every fitness enthusiasts. Also don’t forget to pick a pair of socks to go with your shoes.


Gym Essentials

3. Water Bottle

Exercising sure does make you dehydrated as you sweat profusely. So you ought to take a huge water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated from time to time. You could also bring along a shaker bottle to store your workout protein shakes if you are into serious muscle building.

4. Towels

You don’t want to look dripping wet due to sweating all over face and body. Towels come handy to wipe off those sweat droplets. Keep at least two towels in your gym bag, one small and one medium sized. Choose the ones that are made of soft fabrics.

5. Music

Music elevates your mood and ups your effort. Take your your phone or Mp3 and keep those tracks ready. Choose music that is motivating and energetic. And don’t forget to pack your headphones along with you, after all you wouldn’t want to force everyone in the gym to hear what you hear!

Gym Essentials

6. Disinfectant Wipes

Unless it is your personal gym, you are definitely be going to share the gym equipments. So obviously there are high chances of germs harboring on them. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe your hands as well as disinfect the equipments before using them. The best part is that these kind of wipes are super convenient to carry in your gym bag.

7. Toiletries

Most gyms have in-house showers and some fitness enthusiasts prefer to clean up before heading out of the gym. For those who wish to take a shower within the premises should pack some toiletries such as face wash, shampoo, body wash, deodorant etc. along with them.

That was the list of the essentials that you will need before hitting the gym. Do you have any other essentials that you would like to bring along?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Great compilation for beginners! I pretty much carry everything you’ve mentioned in the list. Just that I prefer carrying a hand sanitizer bottle instead of disinfectant wipes to sanitize my hands between workouts. Also, a deo spray is a must have in my gym bag!

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