What Are The Best High Protein Foods To Build Your Body?

Ready to bulk up like a champ? Welcome to our guide to muscle building with food. Good food makes you feel great and pumps up those muscles to the next level. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, the key to muscle building is getting your daily intake of protein. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a vegan, Paleoman, vegetarian, fruitarian, or an omnivore! We’ve got you covered. Eatfit Curefit offers the best protein-based foods for individuals to have before and after a workout or incorporate into their daily diet.

Here are the top 10 high protein foods for building muscle and making steady strength gains according to experts:

1. Greek Yogurt

Keep your sugar levels in check and ramp up your gains with some good ol’ plain greek yogurt. It’s rich in calcium, pro-bacteria, and has twice as much protein content than other yogurt types!


2. Eggs

Eggs pack a punch as natural sources of protein! Load them up and eat them boiled for maximum results and oh, don’t skip the yolk folks! Eggs boost your brain functioning too with their Omega-3 content and are the most affordable but effective source of protein for body-building needs.

3. Organic Milk

Don’t go skim or slim. Go organic. Just adding 2% of organic milk to your daily diet will aid in fat absorption, muscle building, and regulate your digestive health. Talk about getting closer to your macro targets and making those muscle gains faster!

4. Lean Ground-Beef

If you’ve got a little change to spare, try out grass-fed 90% lean ground-beef. It’s loaded with creatine and contains essential nutrient-dense protein content that’s jam-packed with muscle-building goodness.

5. Peanut Butter

For all the vegans out there, peanut butter is your best bet for muscle building. It’s much more effective than other types of nut butter and we recommend opting for natural or organic peanut butter over the processed types.

6. Nuts

Go nuts on nuts and munch on them every single day. We recommend a blend of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and peanuts for all those healthy gains. Simply pour them in a bowl, mix them a bit, and get munching with Eatfit Curefit during dinner time or in the evenings for a healthy snack that’s loaded with healthy unsaturated fats and protein.

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7. Fruit Smoothies

Take a fruit or a bunch of fruits and turn them into a smoothie. Throw in a little whey powder or some casein powder to up your protein intake. You’re allowed to drink whatever you like in terms of fruit smoothies but make sure they’re natural and not artificial!

8. Tofu

For meatless Mondays, go with Tofu. Slice em’, dice em’, grill em’ or throw em’ in salads loaded with dark leafy greens – it doesn’t matter. Firm stir-fried tofu is highly recommended.

9. Soba Noodles

For pasta or noodle aficionados, consider pampering yourself to a bowl of buckwheat soba noodles for steady muscle gains. Contains more protein over other wheat-based noodles and keeps hunger at bay during the nights.


10. Quinoa

Kale and quinoa bowls will come to your rescue for your muscle building needs. Packed with healthy proteins, a bowl of kale and quinoa is low in glycemic index and high in fiber which makes you feel full longer and eliminates sugar cravings.

Bonus – Green Peas

Green peas are a shoutout to all the vegans out there. Green peas are loaded with protein and are a healthy alternative to all your snacking needs. Keep a stash of them in the fridge and mix them with salads or sandwiches for bulking up on muscle after workouts.


Keep track of your macro goals, hit the gym or workout with consistency, and keep your diet in shape and soon enough your body will follow-up your efforts by making those much-desired gains. Remember, eat healthily, list of foods by protein content.


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