What to do with Unused Skincare and Haircare Products? 7 Ways to Repurpose Them

What can I do with unwanted skincare? Is this the thought that has been on your mind?

Who among us hasn’t had regrets about buying certain cosmetic products? It can be that overly advertised product, the one you purchased just because the marketing promised you beautiful skin, or that branded product that your favorite influencers recommended.

It seems such a waste to simply throw them away! But if you can repurpose them another way, why throw them? So let’s go over some ideas for repurposing our unwanted products.


Use your unwanted Face Wash as a Shower Gel

You can use your face washes, particularly the rough Sulphate-containing cleansers, as body washes. Plus, if you have active cleansers that are irritating to your face, you could consider using them on your legs to minimize dumpy skin.

And gentle cleansers make great hand washes because they prevent your hands from drying out, unlike the way ordinary hand washes do.

Use Oil Cleansers for a flawless shave

You get the best shave with your oil cleansers and cleansing balms. Their consistency and emulsifying nature make them an ideal shaving cream to give a smooth bump free cut. And they also make skin extra smooth.

Additionally, you could totally use your unwanted cleansers to clean your makeup brushes that are stuck with stubborn waterproof makeup and also clean other accessories.

Nourish your body with your inapt Face Moisturizers

The very luxurious and pricey ones can be reserved to soothe skin post-waxing. And if you have a sunburn, a calming face cream can help you feel better. Hydrating and emollient creams can heal cracked knees and stubborn elbows.

You could use light moisturizers as hand lotions. And the thicker ones can be used as body lotions.

Mix your Serums and Lotions

If you didn’t know, your face serums work nicely across your arms and legs. Also, you can combine your facial serums and body lotions to increase hydration.

Exfoliating serums that are too harsh or oily for your face make wonderful body exfoliants. Simply apply it the day before shaving or waxing, and you’ll have the smoothest skin the next day. They will take care of the ingrown hairs at the bikini line and the armpits. They can also be used to exfoliate the scalp, getting rid of the greasiness.

Shampoos can be used in a billion different ways!

You can use shampoo as a bubble bath. Shampoo can be used to clean a variety of things and spots, including your bathroom and cars. They help in cleaning clothes, and some shampoos are also helpful in removing stains from clothes.

Since most dandruff shampoos contain salicylic acid or ketoconazole, which help remove bacteria and treat acne, they can be used to treat back acne.


If you want to loosen nuts and bolts, try using shampoo (go experiment).

Resell Them

If your products are unopened or have only been used once or twice, you could definitely resale them to someone who would appreciate them. You could find skincare enthusiasts by posting on Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit ExchangeSubs.

Donate them to your friends and family

Make a pact with your friends to sample each other’s skincare products so you can each find the right products. Because it’s plausible that you purchased something that, although working perfectly for them, doesn’t for you. So go ahead and find out whether your bestie might be interested in trying those serums!

But keep in mind, if you genuinely loathe a product, there’s no point in hoping to repurpose it if you’re going to hate using it. Toss it, and be more mindful with your future purchases!

And finally, if you have been wondering

What to do with expired skincare or if you can use old skincare products?

Don’t even bother about it. Just throw it away. Better yet, you can empty the product and recycle the bottles or tubes that came in.