Top Professional Haircare Brands & Products Used in Salons

Finding the right products is never easy with a pool of products in the market. There are all kinds of hair products and brands in various budgets. When in doubt it’s best to rely on professionals, especially after you are done with your expensive hair treatment or to flaunt your purple-colored hair. You want to preserve the effects as much longer as you can. And your hairdresser is most often going to recommend you some of the great professional haircare products for your hair. It’s not just about the money, there is surely a great difference between drugstore versus professional products. Just like Professional Skincare Products, Professional Haircare products are formulated with higher levels of active ingredients with breakthrough technologies to deliver faster and more effective results. If you’ve been curious about what are the Top Professional Haircare Brands and Products that many stylists recommend, we’ve compiled this exclusive list just for you.

Top Professional Haircare Brands


Olaplex, with its comprehensive hair repair and damage prevention trifecta, is presently one of the Best Professional Haircare Brands in the market. They undoubtedly live up to the hype. Even if your hair has suffered significant damage as a result of all the coloring and heat styling you’ve done, their products can essentially restore it in no time. They also work with all hair and scalp types. Olaplex No.1 and No.2 are exclusive for salon use while the others are available for personal use.

Olaplex No 3

Among the ones that are available for retail, The Olaplex No. 3 is considered one of the favorites among consumers. It’s not a conditioner, it is a bond builder with a patented formula that can instantly work on repairing even the most severely damaged hair.



Kérastase has flooded the market with a wide range of products since its inception in 1964. The company claims to be among the first to offer actual hair care products such as scalp shampoos and serums. With their unique skinification actives, they’ve taken hair care to a new level. Their “Genesis” line combats hair loss, with the Serum Fortifiant Anti-Chute as one of its main products. Keratase is a pioneer in the hair serum market and there is a reason why they have tons of loyal consumers despite being a luxury brand.

Among the many top-notch Kerastase Hair Serums and Oils, we love the Discipline Oleo-Relax Advanced Hair Oil. One look at the ingredient list can be discouraging, but the formulation of this hair oil is at its superior. It works amazingly well as a heat protectant and can handle up to 450 degrees of heat that come from styling tools. All the while it nourishes the hair and gives you the softest, silkiest, and smoothest hair that one can ever hair.


Redken takes its stylists and its products seriously. They regularly guide their stylists into new hair care spheres, utilizing the best techniques for caring for their client’s hair. They have developed the most gentle but effective hair care by combining protein and moisture technology, with protein serving as the foundation of all their products.

We love the Redken One United All-In-One Leave-In Conditioner for acting as an all-in-one multi-benefit product, their shampoos are loved even more. Especially their Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo. The sulfate-free shampoo formulated with 7% bonding care complex plus citric acid takes care of over-processed, colored, and extremely damaged hair in just one use. The professional haircare brand nailed it with its patented technology.

4. K18

One look at their super informative website can tell you how seriously they take science and hair care. They developed their patented K18PEPTIDE technology after more than a decade of intensive research. It perfectly repairs all kinds of hair damage by mending the polypeptide chains that make up your hair. They improve each individual hair strand down to its very core to ensure that your hair stays strong and beautiful. No wonder, people love the K18 Leave-in Hair Mask more than Olaplex for its faster results.

The Popular Hair Mask revives, repairs and restores damaged hair super quickly in just 4 minutes. The results are more visible on highly damaged hair. So if you are looking to get back the original texture of your bleached or colored hair, this is for you.


L’Oréal Professional Paris, with its large number of brands, is undoubtedly where the majority of them began. L’Oréal is now a haircare staple. They have revolutionized hair care for their clients with luxurious hair treatments, resolving any hair problems and providing you with the best hair care solutions ever since the introduction of their first cold perms. They now provide care for all types and ranges of hair, having fully expanded their business internationally.

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Shampoo

L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo is highly recommended by hairdressers after coloring your hair. The antioxidant formula preserves and protects the vibrance of your hair color while boosting shine and softness.

The other popular product the Professional Range is the Absolut Repair Hair Mask – a protein-rich hair mask that reverses and repairs damage. This is great for medium to thick hair types as it’s insanely moisturizing.


A small experiment that grew into a well-known brand. Carmen Tal, the company’s founder, was traveling when she discovered a potent Moroccan oil hair treatment. They then followed up by releasing their own treatment, which drew immediate attention. It is without a doubt the best oil for providing intense hair care. It not only has a pleasant aroma, but it also works instantly.

Moroccanoil Treatment

Fortified with Argan Oil and Linseed Extract, the Original Moroccanoil Treatment conditions detangle, and smoothen frizz and flyaways. All hair types can use it, but those with medium to thick, curly, and wavy hair types can benefit the most. They have a lighter formula that’s apt for fine or colored hair. Both add shine and are great to use before styling your hair. They have a delightful fragrance that can make your hair nice and pleasant throughout the day.


This German firm has made no concessions in its pursuit of the niche market. They have introduced some of the highest quality hair colors and color maintenance products on the market. Silksteel Fusion, a mixture of amino acids and lipids that quickly heals hair fibers at the deepest levels, is a great pick to reduce hair breakage.

The Fusion Range with innovative Silksteel technology, a mixture of amino acids and lipids that quickly heals hair fibers at the deepest levels, is a great pick to reduce hair breakage. The luxurious hair mask repairs and protects hair from mechanical damage.


The philosophy behind matrix is to bring people together, assist hairdressers in caring for various hair types, and make you feel welcome. They’ve formulated their products with the same enthusiasm to pass on that concept to their customers. They were able to incorporate pre-bonded strengthening and repair technology into all of their formulations, protecting hair from potential damage caused by the previous coloration process.

While the Matrix Biolage Line has excellent deep nourishing hair masks, the Total Results Line has great color care products. They have neutralizing shampoos that eliminate dullness and bring life to lifeless hair and also volumizing and smoothing shampoos that cater to different hair types.


The German brand has nearly a century of history. If you’re having trouble finding the right product, their color, care, and styling options are the easiest to categorize. And, having reduced their carbon emissions by 30%, sustainability has now become the brand’s central theme. As a responsible global brand, they are also taking significant steps toward sustainability. Their social initiatives have propelled them to trend-setting status once more.

This Professional Haircare Brands’ Products are used in many leading salons across the world. The Osis+ Upload Volume Cream is widely used by stylists to hold hairstyles in place. The BC Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Range is excellent for damaged hair. They replenish the hair follicles, increase resilience, and reduce hair fall due to breakage by upto 95%



Pureology’s 100% vegan products and dedication to safe color treatment have had a significant impact on the hair color industry. They even claim that their formulations are completely sulfate-free, extremely strong, and free of any potentially harmful ingredients. To provide the best possible care and recovery for the hair, they offer each of their clients a completely customizable routine.

Pureology Professional’s Range Of Shampoos is well-loved by stylists. They have various sulfate-free, vegan shampoos that cater to different hair types and textures. They are great for colored hair.

And with that, the list comes to an end. However, don’t let that deter you from finding more exciting products and treatments that are suitable for your hair!