10 Best Oils For Face Massage For Glowing Skin

Oils For Face Massage For Glowing Skin

Best Oils For Face Massage For Glowing Skin

Skin care goes beyond moisturizers, treatments, and serums. You undoubtedly already know that diet is important. Not to mention, drowning yourself in a tonne of water. But allow me to present you with another factor that will transform skin care for you.

Now listen, You may reasonably disagree because it’s more of a personal assertion than a medical claim. Facial exercises, lymphatic drainage massages, and massages are in fact the unsung heroes of radiantly healthy skin. And certainly, there are numerous grounds for each assertion I make;

So, what’s the point of skin massage?


The most significant factor, and my personal favorite, is lymphatic circulation. Basically, through massage lymph nodes are stimulated; i.e. Optimal skin functioning. In a nutshell, no more bloating, droopy eyes, or sulking skin.

Massages are also generally calming, that’s the reason majority of people opt for them. With all the extra stress you weren’t even aware you were carrying releases when the correct spots are hit. And let’s not forget the serotonin boost it gives us.

Additionally, it promotes greater blood flow and provides skin with an immediate glow.

For some people, massaging also aids in skin tightening, or natural Botox. Certain exercises can also make the cheekbones and jawline more prominent, reduce wrinkles and erase fine lines.

A few quick suggestions

  • Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin after massaging; sometimes the residue may cause comedones.
  • Oils aren’t a compulsion, a good moisturizer will do.
  • Massages don’t necessarily have to be an exclusive ritual. You can incorporate them into your daily skincare regime using simple massage techniques while applying your serums/moisturizers/oils.
  • Oils are the preferred choice for skin massaging because they gently glide through the skin, easing any resistance. They provide intense hydration to the skin as well.

And here we have the list of some of the finest oils for face massage. Some of the oils listed below are also excellent for massaging the body as well.

Best Oils For Face Massage For Glowing Skin

1. Nalpamaradi Thailam

Ideal For: All Skin Types.

Everyone has heard about Nalpamaradi Thailam’s de-tanning properties but it has other amazing benefits as well. It works wonders at bringing back the skin’s glow and making it more vibrant. Because of the Vitamin K, it leaves skin more even toned. With this one, you can rest assured that your pores won’t clog due to their lightweight nature. It also helps treat acne. The optimum benefits come from massaging with this oil at least 30 minutes before taking a shower. It’s simply one of the best oils for glowing skin.

2. Kumkumadi Thailam

Ideal For: Dry Skin Types.

This lovely concoction of 21 plants; is also referred to as Saffron Oil. Because it penetrates deeply into the skin and nourishes it, it is deeply appreciated in traditional skin care for its skin-brightening properties. Kumkumadi Oil also aids in combating a wide range of skin problems given the wide variety of herbs employed. It lessens aging symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, and even acne scars.


3. Rosehip Oil

Ideal For: Normal, Combination, Dry, Mature Skin Types.

You might assume it comes from rose petals, but it’s actually rosehip seed oil, which means it comes from the rose plant’s seed and fruit. Most people adore it since it instantly makes skin supple and smooth. It also has a tonne of advantages because it contains important fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It aids in the fight against free radicals, prevents moisture from escaping, repairs the skin’s barrier, and most significantly, gives the skin a glow. You could incorporate this oil into your daily skincare regime.

4. Squalane Oil

Ideal For: Oily, Combination Skin

Since our sebaceous glands actually create squalene, it plays a crucial role in the health of the skin. However, the squalene we’re referring to comes from plant sources, such as sugarcane or olives (other firms make Squalane using sharks, but we are utterly opposed to that). So we isolated the Squalene and hydrogenated it to create Squalane, a saturated oil that easily absorbs into the skin. It works as an emollient and is exceptionally hydrating. The only drawback is that because Squalane Oil penetrates quickly, it’s not the greatest choice for deep massages.

5. Jojoba Oil

Ideal For: Combination and Dry Skin Types.

Jojoba ( pronounced hohoba, comes from Spanish). It has a molecular makeup and structure that resembles skin sebum very much. There are many wonderful advantages to it, including anti-aging properties, powerful hydration, long-lasting moisturization, and the ability to treat acne-prone skin. It’s excellent as a leave-on oil.

6. Argan Oil

Ideal For: Normal, Combination, Dry, Mature Skin


Argan oil for the skin is just as beneficial for the skin as it is for the hair. It is a superior massage oil due to its vitamin E, fatty acid, and antioxidant content. It increases skin suppleness and lightens discoloration. It smoothly glides through the skin with gentle ease.

7. Sweet Almond Oil

Ideal For: Dry and Sensitive Skin Types.

Due to its many uses, Almond oil may be found in virtually every home. It is used in Ayurveda to treat psoriasis and eczema. Almond oil helps scars gradually diminish and repairs sun damage. It slips well during a massage because of its thickness. And, keep in mind that there are two types of almond oil: sweet and bitter, and we choose the sweet variant.

8. Hempseed Oil

Ideal For: Acne Prone and Blemish Prone Skin

Hemp seed oil comes from the family of marijuana plants (hemp plant). Because it contains a variety of antioxidants and fatty acids, it is extremely nutritious and leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and supple. It is the most popular oil for body massage since it eases pain and swelling while reducing inflammation.

9. Grapeseed Oil

Ideal For: Oily Skin.

Grapeseed Oil is a dry oil that’s less greasy making it one of the best oils for face massage. It is quite lightweight and simple to massage with. Proanthocyanidins, a type of potent antioxidant found in it, diminish wrinkles, sun spots, and pigmentation. Additionally, it can thoroughly cleanse the skin and has some antibacterial qualities. Those who have nut allergies can pick this one.

10. Coconut Oil

Ideal For: Dry Skin.

Although the most commonly used oil may not be the finest oil for face massage, it is fantastic for the body. Since it is highly comedogenic, we normally avoid applying it on the face. It contains lauric acid, which supports the skin barrier and aids in the synthesis of collagen. Furthermore, it contains essential fatty acids that moisturize the skin. It’s excellent for the winter as well.

The oils on this list are the most popular ones, however, it obviously isn’t an exhaustive list. Therefore, if you find another fantastic oil that aids in a nice massage or is generally excellent for the skin, please let us know!

And in the hopes that they would encourage you in getting started, I’ve included some of my own favorite massage videos below.