10 Best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth and Thickness

Just as our body needs nutrients to survive, our hair needs oil to stay healthy and lustrous. Some of us are genetically blessed with good hair. Some, on the flip side, need to care more efforts to keep their hair in its best shape. Whichever group may one falls into, there’s one thing in common and that thing is hair oil. Hair, as we all know, is nothing but a pile of dead cells. Unless you nourish your hair with oil, the hair is bound to get damaged, and dry, and problems like split ends and hair breakage tend to appear. You need to pick good hair oils for faster hair growth. Hair oil not only moisturizes but also strengthens the hair from root to tip. Oil massage increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

There’s nothing new in hair oiling. We have been oiling our hair year after year since ancient times. Still, there is so much debate about the effectiveness of hair oiling. Does hair oiling actually work? Or is it just another fad people keep believing? Well, hair oiling can work wonders if you are using the right kind of oil and the correct procedure. There are varieties of hair types and conditions. The oil that suits someone with naturally greasy hair would not work on someone with dry and damaged hair. If you have issues like dandruff, your suitable hair oil will be entirely different from someone with dull hair. Knowing what is best for you is the key to hair growth. Here are our 10 all-time favorite hair oils for faster hair growth that suits every hair type.

Best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

1. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is a flavorful Mediterranean herb used in cooking. The essential oil extracted from this exotic herb proves to be an extremely beneficial ingredient for treating severe hair loss. A scientific inquest discovered the effectiveness of rosemary oil in hair loss caused by hormone-induced pattern baldness among both males and females. According to research, minoxidil and rosemary oil were tested side by side and were found to be equally effective on hair growth.


Not just alopecia, rosemary oil’s anti-inflammatory constituents prevent microbial and fungal outgrowth on the scalp. Use Rosemary oil along with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo to aid in treating dandruff and minor scalp irritations.


  1. Powerful essential oil for promoting hair growth
  2. Relieves from scalp itches, fungal and yeast-related irritations

How to Use: Rosemary essential oil can be mixed with any non-reacting carrier oil like cold-pressed coconut oil, avocado, olive, or grapeseed oil. The oil can be quite powerful and might produce slight tingles on the scalp.

Best Suited For All hair types. Use light carrier oil if the scalp is sensitive.

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2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is perhaps the most popular hair oil for faster hair growth due to its ease of accessibility and numerous benefits. Pure cold-pressed coconut oil contains lauric acid in high amounts. This medium-chain fatty acid gets absorbed into the hair shafts and provides nourishment from within. Coconut oil also comes with natural anti-fungal that fights germ growth in the scalp. This multi-benefit oil is able to protect delicate hair strands from UV damage caused by long sun exposure.

Benefits: Oiling hair with coconut oil,

  1. Stimulates scalp and promotes hair growth.
  2. Prevents pollution damage and sun damage.
  3. Protects the protein balance of the hair.
  4. Prevents dandruff and fungal outbreaks in the scalp.
  5. Lessens hair fall due to breakage by strengthening hair shafts.

How to Use: Coconut oil can be used before or after a hair wash. For pre-shampoo oiling, a warm oil massage is the best. Mix 2-3 drops of lavender or peppermint oil for enhancing hair growth.

Best Suited For All hair types especially those with dull and rough hair

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3. Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj Oil is an authentic ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth and thickness. It is an excellent hair growth-boosting elixir discovered by ancient ayurvedic practitioners. Bhringraj, also known as false daisy, grows widely in the southeastern parts of Asia; especially in the Indian subcontinent. According to the recipes of ayurveda, Bhringraj oil is prepared by boiling flowers and leaves of this herb with carrier oils such as coconut or sesame oil.

According to a 2008 study, Bhringraj oil is as effective as minoxidil, one of the best hair fall prevention prescription medications. Bhringraj oil is a powerhouse of vitamins D and E. It also contains nutrients like magnesium. This oil calms the scalp and provides the required nutrients to the hair follicles and facilitates hair growth.


  1. Revitalizes hair from root to tip and
  2. Increases blood flow to the hair follicles and enriches hair growth
  3. Moisturizes hair
  4. prevents hair fall due to breakage.

How to Use: According to ancient texts, overnight application of Bhringraj oil imparts optimal results. So, massage warm Bhringraj oil to your scalp and hair focusing on the pressure points of your head. Let the oil soak into the scalp for 7-8 hours and wash it off the next morning.

Best Suited For All hair types will find something useful from Bhringraj oil. People with scalp acne might avoid this heavy oil.

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4. Blackseed Oil

Blackseed is nothing but the good old black cumin found in most Indian kitchens. Nigella or blackseed is a native plant of Africa. It is cultivated and consumed in South-East Asia, Europe, and Africa. Blackseed oil, mixed with coconut and Kukui oil can stimulate hair growth, as suggested by recent research.


Another study, conducted in 2013, uncovers blackseed as an effective remedy for temporary baldness. Enriched with the benefits of thymoquinone, blackseed oil boosts hair growth, prevents fungal growth in the scalp, and keeps hair infections at bay. Blackseed oil is most effective if used with 0.5% strength. It is a slow healer so patience is the key if you are thinking about using blackseed oil for hair growth.


  1. Extricates hormonal imbalance-induced pattern baldness
  2. Moisturizes hair and prevents hair breakage
  3. Helps in curing dandruff

How to Use: Prepare fresh black seed oil at home by boiling your favorite carrier oil with black seed on a slow flame. Keep the oil as it is for 7-8 hours. The extracts of blackseed will get infused into the oil. Strain the seeds out of the oil with a muslin cloth and the oil will be ready to use. Deep condition your hair with this oil 2-3 times a week.

Best Suited For All hair types.

Product Recommended: Zhou Organic Blackseed Oil – Cold Pressed

5. Argan Oil

Produced from the kernels of the argan trees from the desert lands of Morocco, Argan oil takes all the glory off many lab-produced hair styling products. Argan oil, in pure cold-pressed form, contains a handful of fatty acids, vitamin E in large amounts, and squalene. Composition wise squalene is closer to the natural sebum that our skin produces. This is why argan oil is considered the most skin-friendly oil with high penetration power. It’s also a great oil for face massaging to bring out the glow from within.

Argan oil helps to retain the water content in the scalp and hair. It rejuvenates the scalp and prevents hair fall.


  1. The vitamin and minerals in argan oil promote hair growth.
  2. Argan oil locks the moisture to the hair shafts and prevents frizz-caused hair to fall.
  3. It prevents hair from heat and styling damage.

How to Use: Argan oil is a carrier oil that can be used alone. This oil can be used as a leave-in hair conditioner after a hair wash.

Best Suited For Argan oil is lightweight. So, people across hair types and textures can reap the benefit of it. Even sensitive or acne-prone ones can use this oil in moderation.

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6. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is an essential oil extracted from the green leaves and twigs of peppermint herb. An experimental study published in Toxicological Research in 2014 found hair growth encouraging substances in the constituents of peppermint oil.

The main ingredient of peppermint oil is menthol. This amazing ingredient excites the dermal cells of the scalp and increases blood flow. This, in turn, stimulates hair growth. Peppermint oil also contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial alkaloids that treat scalp infections and dandruff.


  1. Fosters hair growth by stimulating scalp
  2. Heal’s dandruff or fungal infection-related inflammations of the scalp

How to Use: Peppermint oil is an essential oil of strong nature. It can cause skin irritation if used alone or in a higher concentration. So, mix 4-5 drops of this oil with coconut, olive, almond oil, or any neutral carrier oil. Do not warm this oil before using it because the heat might cause the loss of beneficial substances. 4% peppermint is found to be the most effective for hair growth enhancement.

Best Suited For People with oily scalps prone to dandruff or scalp rash. Sensitive skin people should avoid this strong oil.

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7. Jamaican Castor Oil

Castor oil is a well-known dry hair remedy that our grannies used to boast about. Jamaican castor oil is entirely different from the familiar pale yellow-colored regular castor oil we see here and there. The Jamaican dark castor oil is made with slow-boiling water mixed with castor seed paste. The roasting process causes the burnt residue of castor seeds to stay in the oil. This ash increases the pH level of the castor oil and increases the penetration capability of the oil in the hair cuticles. This is one of the reasons why Jamaican castor oil is so popular among dry and naturally curly hair people. Pure Jamaican castor oil is a rich blend of natural fatty acids including ricinoleic acid and linoleic acid. It also has natural antimicrobials.

Benefits: Regular massage of Jamaican castor oil,

  1. Boosts hair growth.
  2. Prevents pattern baldness and alopecia.
  3. Provides nourishment and strength to the hair.
  4. Banishes frizz and split ends.
  5. Prevents scalp infections and dandruff.

How to Use: Jamaican castor oil can be used alone or in a blend of other carrier oils such as coconut, almond, or olive oil. If the hair is too dry, use lukewarm oil for a relaxing head massage.

Best Suited For Extremely dry, naturally curly, frizzy, and unmanageable.

Product Recommended: Handcraft Blends Jamaican Black Castor Oil

8. Vitamin E Oil

Since the middle of the last century people are putting their trust in vitamin E for better skin. A 2010 trial first discovered the benefits of vitamin E in hair health. Just like many other vitamins, vitamin E is a blend of a variety of antioxidant compounds. These compounds can prevent oxidative stress which plays a key role in hair fall. Vitamin E oil balances the natural moisture level of hair and prevents moisture loss from the scalp skin.


  1. Deeply nourishes hair.
  2. Promotes hair growth.
  3. Soften hair and prevents split ends.

How to Use: Vitamin E is available in gel capsules. This can be consumed or used topically. Add the contents of 1-2 vitamin E capsules to 2-3 tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil and massage them into the scalp for 10-15 minutes. Wash off after 1-2 hours.

Best Suited For All Hair Types people can use this. However, vitamin E might cause clogged pores in acne-prone skin.

Product Recommended: Hair Thickness Maximizer Vitamin E Oil

9. Onion Oil

In a recent study by PubMed, it was been seen that Redensyl contained in onion can reduce hair fall. Hearsay has it Redensyl can surpass the most powerful hair fall reduction drug minoxidil. Nonetheless, the anecdotes of hair growth boosted by onion oil are here for ages.

Onion oil is produced by controlled boiling of fresh onion pulp and juice in grapeseed, sesame, or any carrier oil. This oil has sulfur in high amounts and various antioxidants. Sulfur strengthens the hair and prevents the loss of hair keratin. Antioxidants prevent the hair from getting damaged by pollution and sun rays.

Onion Hair Oil is easily one of the easiest homemade hair oil for faster hair growth. You can whip your own concoction at home with a base carrier oil like Coconut Oil Or Sesame Oil and brew it with onions and other herbs like Curry Leaves, Amla, and Hibiscus to make it a potent hair growth oil. If you are lazy like me, just get an Onion Hair Oil that’s readily available.


  1. Onion oil reduces severe hair loss.
  2. It rejuvenates and relaxes the stressed blood vessels of the scalp.
  3. Deep conditions the hair.
  4. Strengthens hair shafts.

How to Use: Onion oil works best if massaged into the scalp and hair with light hands. Since this is a hair fall remedy, do not massage vigorously or comb hair after applying hair oil. It might lead to more hair loss. Apply oil gently and wait for 1-2 hours to soak the benefits into the scalp and hair. Wash off with a mild hair cleanser.

Best Suited For Dry, dull, and damaged hair with hair loss issues.

Product Recommended: Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil with Redensyl.

10. Biotin Oil

Biotin is a derivative of vitamin B found in common food items such as whole grain cereals and green vegetables like spinach. This vitamin is associated with overall hair health and hair growth. Multiple studies have shown the positive effects of biotin among people of all ages having severe hair fall. This amazing vital nutrient makes hair look fuller and voluminous by thickening hair strand by strand.


  1. Enhances hair quality, texture
  2. Prevents premature hair fall-off problem
  3. Nourishes the locks

How to Use: Biotin works best if used both intrinsically and extrinsically. So, increase your intake of biotin-rich foods such as egg yolk, and whole grains like oats, button mushrooms, etc. Use biotin oil 2-3 times a week. Massage biotin oil on the scalp and hair, concentrating on the hair follicles. Keep overnight and wash off.

Best Suited For All hair types.

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These are the Best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth and Thickness. Definitely pick out one of these and see the fruitful results.