Best Of Indian Celebrity Beauty Brands

Have you ever wondered what celebrities have to offer aside from their media presence? Or what their interests maybe? We might have a few clues here! Beauty Brands! Born from their passion and perseverance, not solely for their fans, but for all of us who appreciate wonderful things. And here, we’ve compiled a list of the finest beauty businesses launched by some Indian celebrities.

Best of Indian Celebrity Beauty Brands

1. Kay Beauty By Katrina Kaif

Kay Beauty is loved by all of its customers because of its affordability and diversity. The brand was launched in 2019, and it has since become a household brand in the world of makeup. The brand arose from her passion, and hence the tagline “It’s Kay to Be You” emerged from her wish to encompass all skin tones, genders, and age groups. And she is especially interested in creating a community for women. Kay Beauty offers a wide selection of cosmetics, from foundation to liners, to accommodate a wide range of skin tones. Kay Beauty is one of the Best Indian Celebrity Beauty Brands that’s received the most positive reviews from its consumers among all. The products are top-notch quality yet fall in the mid-range pricing category.

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Best Sellers:

Matte Lip Crayon By Kay Beauty: Long-lasting, rich, and available in a variety of hues to accommodate a wide range of complexion tones. It’s a big seller! [BUY NOW]

Kay Beauty’s Illuminating Highlighter: With highlighters in a variety of hues to offer you the most gorgeous complexion. Go from work day to date night with just a change of highlighters!

2. Lovechild By Masaba

Masaba has come a long way in sharing her narrative, beginning with a fashion label and eventually beginning a quirky and feisty cosmetics business. All of her ingredients are sourced from the world’s top producers. She wants to support all forms of self-expression by sharing her stories and beauty products. Her attention to detail is evident in the adorable packaging she used for all her product.

Best Sellers:

Jhil Mil – Shimmer Nail Enamel: The nail enamel is incredibly gorgeous, glossy, and sparkly. Get your Jhil Mil on if you want to be the life of the party! [BUY NOW]

Eau De Perfume From Nani House: A white musk note finishes the perfume’s powerful moringa undertones. A floral scent rested for 4 years to deliver you the ideal memento. [BUY NOW]


3. Brown Skin Beauty By Anusha Dandekar

Anusha wants to spread the word that brown is attractive, to a world that does not value brown enough. Having grown up in a variety of cultures, she understood how crucial it is to feel good in one’s own skin, regardless of its color. In order to meet the demands of skin rather than society’s expectations, her brand offers wonderful products to everybody who has the same aspirations.

Best Sellers:

Immortal Aloe & Vitamin C Face Cream With SPF: A Do-It-All moisturizer, with incredibly soothing ingredients; what more do we need? [BUY NOW]

Immortal Aloe Serum With Vitamin C: This vitamin C is skin calmer because it is extremely lightweight and super stable. It offers numerous benefits and would therefore be an excellent choice for those who prefer lesser products in their routine.[BUY NOW]

4. 82° E By Deepika Padukone

82°E, or Eighty-two East, wants to connect the west and the east; to bring India into the global market. It has freshly arrived on the market for everyone who likes luxurious skin care. Deepika has gone to great lengths to promote her brand. And has certified that it is clinically tested, clean, cruelty-free, and vegan. But we’re excited to watch how her skincare line fares with consumers.


Best Sellers:

Ashwagandha Bounce: Get Skin that’s bouncy thanks to Ashwagandha and Hyaluronic Acid in the Ashwagandha Bounce. This is an all-purpose moisturizer that claims to give you bouncy, bright, and firm skin.

Bakuchiol Slip: This massage oil contains Bakuchi seed oil, and Squalane and promises to help you relax and let go of your skin worries.

5. Arias By Lara Dutta

The former Miss Universe appears to have never stopped working. Arias was created in collaboration with the Dermatologist Geetanjali Shetty. Arias presents 11 products that can help a woman’s skincare routine. Her entire line of products is vegetarian, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. The Celebrity Beauty Brand aspires to assist the modern woman by encouraging her to appreciate her beauty and take care of herself by developing a skincare routine.

Best Sellers:

Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream: A fantastic product, this eye cream combats wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes and steals all your dark circles away. [BUY NOW]

Intense Night Repair Serum: Vitamin C comes to the rescue! Nothing else comes close to plumping and intensely moisturizing your skin like this serum. [BUY NOW]

These are some of the Best Indian Celebrity Beauty Brands. Celebs may be having a ball with their beauty brands, but we can’t go anywhere without your support. So let us know about your favorite brands in the comments! Until next time!