10 Best Cleansing Oils in India For Oily Acne Prone Skin

Like dissolves like—this is the tenet of cleansing oils, which the Koreans and Japanese shared with the rest of the world. They were initially developed as a way to remove the white paste traditionally used by Koreans and Japanese people (similar to geisha makeup), as it was very difficult to simply wash it off with water, and oil helped thoroughly clean skin without being abrasive. And this prompted more modifications leading to the oil cleaners we currently use.

Top 3 Best Cleansing Oils

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

✔ Best for all skin types including oily acne prone skin.
✔ Botanical formulation rich in antioxidants.
✔Cleans, Soothes and Softens skin.

2. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Oil

✔ Best Korean Cleansing Oil
✔ Gives a brightening effect.
✔ Leaves the skin moisturized with a pleasant scent.


3. Inveda Stubborn Makeup Cleansing Oil

✔ Best budget buy.
✔ Emulsifies exceptionally well.
✔ Removes waterproof makeup and sunscreen.

What Exactly Are Cleansing Oils?

Cleansing oils are designed to eliminate dirt and cosmetics that have an oil base much more effectively and gently than those conventional water-based cleansers. Oils can easily remove oil-based impurities like grime and make-up because they act as solvents, substances that can dissolve certain similar compounds.

Cleansing oils are typically used as part of the double cleansing method, which involves using an oil cleanser first and then a conventional cleaner for an extraordinarily deep clean; you can also employ them independently.

What do cleansing oils do?

When cleansing oil is applied to dry skin, it penetrates into the skin and envelops dirt particles and makeup bits. The oil then draws out those impurities from within as you start massaging the skin, and when it is emulsified with water, it dissolves them.

Why you should use a Cleansing Oil?

Firstly, your skin will be exceptionally clean if you choose to double cleanse, which involves using a cleansing oil first and then a water-based cleanser. They completely eliminate any pollutants that may have built up deep beneath the skin.

Secondly, oil cleansers thoroughly remove makeup, heavy sunscreens, and skin care products effortlessly and gently without removing any of your skin’s natural oils.

And finally, Cleansing oils are also beneficial for treating acne and blackheads. As Blackheads won’t appear as frequently if sebum production is under control.

Also, due to improved hydration and increased skin elasticity, the skin gradually appears softer and brighter.

How do they differ from the face washes and cleansers we have been using so far?

Surfactants are the main cleansing agent in conventional cleansers. Oil cleansers have oils—either synthetic or plant-based oils—that remove grime and have little to no surfactants, which gives them a moisturizing effect. Oil cleansers tenderly remove extra oil and impurities from the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

How do you use an oil cleanser?

Generally, we apply them to dry skin, though the specifics may depend on the product.


Put the oil cleanser on your face or body after taking some and rubbing it between your palms. Gently apply it to the skin, then massage it in a circular manner. Spend at least 30 seconds massaging your skin; pay particular attention to the area where your blackheads are bound to occur.

Apply some water to your skin now, and the oil will start to emulsify and become milky (sometimes slightly lathery). Massage for as long as the oily sensation persists. Then thoroughly rinse with water.

Then, you can either use your usual cleansers and rinse, or you can carry on with your skincare routine.

Pro tip:

For extremely deep cleansing, exfoliation, and incredibly soft skin, you could blend your physical exfoliant with any oil cleanser.

The following are some of the best-known oil cleaners presently on the Indian market.

10 Best Cleansing Oils in India

Best Korean Cleansing Oils

1. DHC Cleansing Oil

This Japanese deep cleansing oil is the OG. The cleanser contains olive oil which assists in eliminating all kind of impurities from the skin and nourishing it with its rich oleic content. Even when removing dead skin, it is really gentle and easy on the skin, and you won’t experience dryness or a greasy feeling with this one.


We like this because:

  • Olive oil is really nourishing here
  • It’s unbelievably gentle
  • Doesn’t require second cleansing

Where to buy? Amazon.in

2. The Face Shop The Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Oil

The Rice Water Bright Rich Cleansing Oil from The Face Shop contains plant-based ingredients like rice bran oil and jojoba oil that add moisture to the skin, along with rice extracts and kukui seed oil that gives the skin a brightening effect. Skin is left moisturized post-cleansing due to the nourishing components that would benefit even the driest of skins. Its velvety texture is amazing to work with.

We like this because:

  • It gives skin a Brightening effect
  • It is free of mineral oil.

Where to buy? Amazon.in

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3. Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil

This is a mild oil cleanser with Juju green tea extract and Beauty Green Tea, which has been enhanced with 3.5 times more amino acids than the original, indicating that it is significantly more nourishing than conventional green tea. It flawlessly emulsifies into an incredibly smooth texture that removes debris and makeup remnants from deep within the skin, giving you the softest skin possible right away.

We like this because;

  • It is immensely hydrating
  • Has a lovely texture
  • It leaves skin supple

Where to buy? Amazon.in

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4. Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

This is one of the Best Korean cleansing oils that work wonders to get rid of blackheads and manage excessive sebum production. Its main component is black sesame oil. Black sesame soothes the skin, reduces sebum production, improves skin suppleness, and prevents dehydration. Skin gets more adept at retaining moisture with continuous usage.

We like this because:

  • It encourages cell renewal
  • Contains strong soothing minerals
  • Its texture is Rich

Where to buy? Amazon.in

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5. Bioré Cleansing Oil

The Bioré Cleansing Oil’s cutting-edge formulation, unlike the majority of other oil cleansers in this review, does not require emulsification, yet that does not prevent it from effectively removing dirt and makeup from the skin. After rinsing, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue either. Also, it has a pleasing scent.

We like this because:

  • It thoroughly removes long-wearing mascara
  • Innovative formulation
  • Skin feels fresh after use

Where to buy? Amazon.in

Best Cleansing Oil For Oily Skin

6. Dr. Sheth’s Moringa & Vitamin C Cleansing Oil

As they do with all their products, Dr. Sheth’s has created this potent cleansing oil keeping in mind the skin’s needs. In addition to cleansing, the oil cleanser contains relaxing components like Moringa and antioxidants like vitamin C. After cleansing, the skin seems vibrant and renewed. This is my personal favourite and I consider it as one of the best cleansing oils for oily skin types.

We like this because:

  • It contains repairing ceramides
  • Enhances skin’s brightness
  • Skin feels rejuvenated post-cleansing

Where to buy? Amazon.in

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7. Suganda Squalane Cleansing Oil

Being the great oil-soluble antioxidant that it is, squalane aids in the neutralization of UV molecules that damage oxygen. With the help of this non-comedogenic oil cleanser, you can improve your skincare routine and keep your skin looking and performing at its best.

We like this because:

  • It has a lightweight texture
  • Cleanses effortlessly
  • Contains hydrating squalane.

Where to buy? Amazon.in

8. Inveda Stubborn Makeup Cleansing Oil

As the name suggests, Inveda cleansing oil uses a gentle Ayurveda technique to combat even the most stubborn makeup. To prevent the loss of the skin’s natural oils, it contains the mildest oils, such as Rosehip and Jojoba Oil with Vitamin E. It is one of the most affordable cleansing oils in India that everyone can give it a try.

We like this because:

  • It leaves skin looking squeaky clean
  • Efficiently cleanses makeup

Where to buy? Amazon.in

9. Bioderma Atoderm Huile de douche

Designed with the eco-biology principle in mind, Bioderma products aid in the biology-assisted adaptation of skin to its surroundings. The Bioderma Cleansing oil is designed for the most delicate of skin types. It helps replenish lipids while cleansing. After using it for a month, it has even been shown to increase skin moisture by 26%.

We like this because:

  • It is deeply nourishing
  • Even helps Calm irritability
  • Applicable on the body and face

Where to buy? Amazon.in

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10. L’Occitane Facial Cleansing Oil

When L’Occitane Facial Cleansing Oil is emulsified, its gorgeous texture, which turns milky, eliminates all the filth and grime that may have accumulated on your skin over the day. Together with the calming calendula, it also contains the anti-aging herb immortelle.

We like this because:

  • It’s the only one with an anti-aging formulation
  • It has a silky texture to work with
  • Even has a soothing effect on the skin

Where to buy? Amazon.in

Avoid going overboard with your skincare or adding unnecessary complications to your face care routine- cleansing oils are beautiful, but they are definitely not essentials.

Cheers to Cleansing!