What You Should Know Before Opting For An ACL Treatment

ACL tear is a knee ligament injury where the tissues that surround the knee swells and is very painful. The pain gradually subsides but the knee starts to feel unstable and makes it difficult to do sports as well as creates trouble when one tries to twist and turn at the knee.

The ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament is a ligament that is present inside the knee and it prevents the tibia from sliding forward in relation to the thigh bone. The ACL works as an important stabilizer in the knee. Pivoting sports like soccer or in sports where the knee twists when the foot is planted like basketball can lead to injury of the ligament. An awkward landing from a jump or skiing can also causes the ACL injury. Females are more likely to have an ACL injury as compared to men.

Diagnosing an ACL Tear

Clinical examination and MRI is used to diagnose ACL injuries. MRI is painless and helps to find out the degree of the ACL injury, its location within the ligament and whether any other joint has been injured.

ACL Tear Treatment

The initial treatment of an ACL injury is by using ice and crutches and a lot of rest. An ACL tear requires a surgical treatment in most cases. It is treated using surgical treatments that are not very invasive as well as using arthroscopic techniques. The treatment that is given out to a patient depends on the symptoms as well as the patient’s activity level. There are many advanced surgeries today that let the athlete return back to high impact sports after an ACL injury. This, however, takes around six to nine months.

The ACL reconstruction surgery aims to decrease the time that is lost to the injury avoids any further knee injury and helps the athlete return to his participation in sports.

Things to know before an ACL reconstruction surgery

Before you book the ACL reconstruction surgery packages online, know all about the surgery.

  • Ligament reconstruction surgery is not necessary for everyone who has an ACL rupture
  • The success of the process is dependent a lot on postoperative physical rehabilitation. This is a team approach between the patient and the physician and is recommended for complete return to normality.
  • One can choose from the many options of ACL reconstruction. This involves the choice of a graft which could be hamstring, allograft or bone-patellar tendon-bone. One could also choose the reconstruction type like a single bundle or a double bundle
Non-operative ACL treatment

The doctor may suggest a non-operative treatment in cases where the patient:

  • Is injured partially and has a relatively stable knee and can perform his daily normal activities without difficulty
  • Was unable to walk even before the injury
  • Is unable to undergo the surgery safely

For patients who cannot opt for a surgery, they are advised to go for a rehabilitation of the injured knee which will help them restore their normal functions and prevent instability. Rehabilitation helps to strengthen the muscles around the knee and helps to provide control, stability, and support.

As long as the patient is able to use the assistive devices, then there is nothing very dangerous about a mild unstable knee. The patient will, however, have to significantly change his activities and his lifestyle to reduce any risk of instability. An athlete who chooses not to go for an ACL reconstruction surgery will be able to participate in low impact activities where the knee is stable and does not cause pain. If however, the patient continues to have instability which hinders him from carrying out his normal activities then a surgery is required to stabilize the knee and restore its functions.

I hope you all got an insight on the things that you should know before opting for an ACL Treatment. See you all again in another post.

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Disclaimer: The contents stated in this post is meant for informational purposes only. Please consult your Doctor for any queries.

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