Liebster Award – My First Blog Award

Liebster Award

Hello readers. I’m very happy to share that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award for the first time. It’s been just a month since I started blogging and I am happy that I have been recognized so soon. Thank You Husna Favaz of thebeautymascot and Mariyam from themidnightbeauties to have nominated me. They have a wonderful blog and you really need to check it out. As you might have known Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers to appreciate their work. So without blabbering much , I will answer both set of questions.

My answers to Husna Favaz

1.What is one beauty tip you would love to share with all?


Never ever sleep with your makeup on. It ruins your skin. Always cleanse and moisturize before sleeping.

2.Are you guilty of committing any beauty mistakes in the past?  If yes, what?

Yes, wearing a kajal which smudged and made me have raccoon eyes and I didn’t know until my friend pointed me out 🙁 Since then I am very choosy on picking up a kajal.

3.Since I love Disney movies, I should ask this, which Disney character you think resemble you?

It’s been ages since I watched Disney movies. My most favorite character would be Ratatouille.

4.Micro niche blog or multi-topic blog?

Micro niche blog.

5.Time for some self promotion, what makes your blog different from other blogs in the same niche?

Blogging is something totally new for me and I never thought that I would start one. When I was just reading a blog, it inspired me to start one immediately.I can’t believe it’s been a month already, time flies by. Currently I won’t say that my blog is much different than others. I write about things that interests me. Each one of us is different and has a unique style of writing and you will find something different in my blog too 🙂

6.Say something about the best moment in your life?


That would be my wedding day.

7.Salt and spicy or sweet and sour?

I do not like sweets much. So my pick would be Salt and spicy.

8.Which is your favorite place to visit on earth and why?

Paris. Simply because it reminds me of my childhood days.

9.Share a tale or a funny incident you have heard or happened to you? Weird experiences are also accepted!

When I was in school, one evening I called up home from a local PCO nearby (we had no cellphones during those times) to inform that I will be home late and have some special class or something.. don’t remember exactly. So my brother picked up the phone and I just said my name (I should have said so and so speaking) , he thought one of my friends is calling and immediately replied she is not at home, she’s gone to school and hung up the phone. I was like ‘ What!! my brother doesn’t recognize his own sister’s voice???? Did I call the correct number?’. It was very funny at that moment with my friends nearby. Later on I had to call again and explain everything.


10.Do you dare to go with zero makeup to a very busy or crowded place?

Yes. I can absolutely go out with zero makeup.

11.And my final question is What’s your favorite thing about blogging and who is your best blogger friend?

Blogging is a platform that gives me a way to share my thoughts and opinions. I started to blog as a time pass but now it interests me a lot. I like that I am able to learn a lot of new things through blogging. As for my best blogger friend, it might be odd but it’s sad that I haven’t socialized with many bloggers as of now, may be if I’m asked the same after a few months I might have one..feel free to ping me to be my blogger friend 😀

My answers to Mariyam

1.Since when have you started blogging?

To be exact, I started blogging on March 25, 2016

2.Which was the first skincare or makeup product you’ve ever used and how was your experience?

I don’t remember exactly, it must be some face wash or kajal.

3.What is your favorite Indian street food? 

Pani puri is my favorite but I am on a ban to eat street foods now.

4.Suppose: 5 years after, where do you see your blog?

I see myself writing improvised and interesting posts than now and reaching out to many readers.

5.Why and how did you choose your blog’s name?

It just striked through my mind and I thought it was a nice name for my beauty blog.

So here are my nominees

Gressa sankhe from

Preethi from

Jennifer Bobby from

Anurima from

Megha from

Neha from

Here are my questions to the nominees.

1.When and why did you start blogging?

2.Who is your favorite blogger and why?

3.Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change?

4.What type of post you like to write more often?

5.Your favorite skincare brand?

6.Your favorite food?

7.What is your biggest fear?

8.Where do you see yourself in two years?

9.Is blogging your full time profession or hobby?

That’s it everyone. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’m eagerly waiting for their responses.

Stay Happy 🙂


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