Old wives’ tales about gender prediction

Old wives' tales about gender prediction

The determination of an unborn baby’s gender using old wives tales prediction has been around for a while. Various old wives tales are circulating out there claiming to be able to predict the gender of a baby before birth. For a lot of expectant mothers, it sounds appealing to them because waiting until the pregnancy is in its 20th week for an ultrasound scan can be extremely stressful.

However, are these tales true? I might be inclined to say yes because some of these tales by old wives are probably based on facts. But you shouldn’t put too much weight on these tales and their findings. You should just relax and have fun with them.

Below are some of the most popular old wives’ tales about gender prediction.

  • The wedding ring test

This technique of predicting the gender of an unborn baby is very popular and the easiest. It involves having the expectant mother lie on her back while suspending her wedding ring over her belly or palm. If the ring starts moving in a circular motion, then the baby is a boy, and if it moves back and forth in a straight line, then the baby is a girl.

  • How you’re carrying your baby

This technique of predicting the baby’s gender is based on the notion that baby boys are carried higher, and girls are carried lower. However, this prediction is not necessarily accurate because the way a woman carries her baby depends on her body type.

  • Baby’s heartbeat

This myth is very popular, even my grandmother believes in it. This old wives’ tale on gender prediction is based on the belief that if the heartbeat is lower than 140 per minute, then the baby is a boy, and it is a girl if it is faster than 140 beats per minute. It would be amazing if it were as simple as stated, but it is unfortunately just an old wives’ myth.

  • How frequently you experience morning sickness

It is believed that if you frequently experience morning sickness, then you are likely carrying baby girl. There is no proof that the theory is correct, and it is based on individual experience. A woman could be faced with different experience with each pregnancy, as there isn’t necessarily a specific pattern.

  • Chinese gender selection calendar.

The ancient Chinese calendar determines this old wives’ tales of gender prediction technique. The gender of the baby is based on the age of the woman, and the month she conceived the baby. However, this is not completely true as there have been reports of women who did the calendar calculation according to the Chinese calendar and came back with a different result.

  • How frequently the baby moves.

It is believed that the excessive movement of the baby in the womb is an obvious sign that the unborn baby is a boy. Just like outside the womb, boys are notorious for being rough and tumble, while girls tend to be more sedentary and quiet. This movement is however not an accurate technique of predicting the gender of the baby, as it is completely different for each baby.

  • Drano method

This technique involves mixing Drano with the pee of a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, it is just considered to be another old wives’ tale which is completely not accurate and does not predict the baby’s gender.

  • Cravings

People believe that when a woman craves for salty food while pregnant, then the baby is a boy. But, if the woman craves for sweet foods, sweets, and fruits, then she is having a baby girl.

  • Skin under Left Eye

This technique for determining the baby’s gender is based on the theory that when branches or “V” appears when you pull the skin under the left eye. If the branches or V shows in the white part, then your baby is likely to be a girl.

  • Legs

If the legs of an expectant mother get big, then the baby is a boy. But if your legs are lean and still in shape, then the baby is a girl.

  • Moodiness

This technique is odd but funny. The theory states that if you are moody, then your unborn baby is a girl because you gave another extra girl hormone inside of you. But if you are happier and smile more, then the baby inside of you is a boy. It is because there is a little penis inside you.

  • Mom’s Beauty

This old wives’ tale on predicting the gender of a baby is based on the mother’s beauty. A woman is having a baby girl if her beauty fades during pregnancy. It is due to the belief that the girl child steals her mother’s beauty. So if you think that your pregnancy has made you more beautiful, then the baby is a boy.

  • Dreaming of the Baby’s Sex

If you had a dream that you are expecting a baby boy, then you will have a baby girl. However, if you dreamt that your baby is a girl, then the baby will be a boy. The old wives believed that dreams always show the opposite of what you are having.

  • Clumsiness vs. Gracefulness

People believe that when a pregnant woman becomes clumsy, then she is expecting a boy. But, if she is graceful through the pregnancy, then she is expecting a baby girl.

  • Breast Test

It is also believed that when a pregnant woman’s left breast is bigger than the right breast, then she’s having a baby girl. But if the right one is bigger, then it is a boy.



You shouldn’t put too much faith in any of these old wives’ tales of predicting the gender of a baby. But, it can be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable when you experiment with the technique. If you want to know the gender of the baby, you should do an ultrasound scan in the at 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, you should note that whether you are having a baby girl or a baby boy, the most essential thing for you is to have a strong, adoring and healthy baby.

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