Easy Homemade Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Hello ladies! Today I would like to share one of my favorite go-to face pack for glowing skin using Papaya. Papaya is great not only for our health, it is a boon for our skin too. Papaya has natural AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which is is great for acne and anti aging. This face pack is very simple and easy to make.

Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Things you will need:
4 Papaya Slices
2 tbsp Oats
2 tbsp Honey


Smash the papaya slices well and add oats to the smashed papaya. Then finally add honey and mix it well. Apply this face pack and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Oats serves as a mild exfoliant, hence it is best to massage the applied face pack for a few seconds before washing it off with lukewarm water. This face pack results in a smoother, brighter and glowing skin. It also works wonders for reducing fresh tan caused by sun exposure. Even though honey has moisturizing properties, it is best to apply some Aloe Vera Gel after washing the face. This helps to avoid any dryness and gives a cooling effect to the skin.

Face Pack For Glowing Skin
Hope you find this DIY helpful. Thanks for reading.
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22 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Face Pack For Glowing Skin”

  1. I hate papaya but I would try to use it for my skin as it’s really good natural product to use 🙂 Thanks for sharing hun.

    -Karishma | Your Beauty Journal

  2. I love using Oats and honey 🙂 But didnt know the benefits of papaya 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Such an interesting read, I’ve tried oat face masks before but didn’t know that papaya has so many benefits for us! Can’t wait to try this one out 🙂

  4. great idea! these ingredients are indeed good for the skin <3 <3 <3 I am a bit vain when it comes to skin. I have skin asthma huhuuhu

  5. This is a wonderful post ! Indeed i have dry skin so that face pack is working very good.Papaya and honey make a great combination.Thanks for sharing.

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