Dove Revitalizing Body Wash Review

Dove Revitalizing Body Wash

After years of using harsh soaps that made my skin dry as hell, I recently got my lesson. One particular soap made my skin so dry and itchy that I had to go to the doctor. He was one of the true ones! He didn’t give me any expensive medicines other than soothing creams and told me my skin is too dry to use soap in the winter, so use one of the body washes that doesn’t have any harsh surfactants or sulfates. I then went home to hurriedly buy this product because Dove is one of the safest products I have used since childhood. And it doesn’t cause dryness. That being said, I was simply surprised when I saw the results after one use. So if you are interested in knowing my opinion, then please keep reading.

Product Description:

 This body wash range from Dove brings refreshment and moisturization for softer and smoother skin. Enriched with different kinds of ingredients depending on the version you choose, this gives you a luxury spa treatment at home. Use it every day without any hesitation, and it is good for all skin types.

Dove Revitalizing Body Wash Ingredients:

Dove Revitalizing Body Wash Ingredients

Price: ₹449 for 800 ml


Dove Revitalizing Body Wash Review


The product comes in different sizes and versions, and based on the size, it has different packaging. All of them have the signature dove white-themed bottle, which is cool for a drugstore product. With big bottles, you get a pump, but with the small ones, you have to squeeze out types. Now, it can sometimes bring too much into your hands, but I don’t care because my whole body eventually needs a lot. Small bottles are good for travel as well.


Dove Body Wash has a gel-like texture that is both transparent and white. It is very easy to spread, and its consistency is such that it stays put without dripping down your body. You can also get away with a lot less product if you want to. My mother, who has a very shaking hand, also finds it more usable than hard soaps because she doesn’t have to have the whole soap in her hand when using it.

Dove Revitalizing Body Wash Texture


It has a signature dove fragrance that doesn’t linger at all. But it does take away that pesky sweaty odor and leaves you with a fresh scent. I love the refreshment it gives. Although a lot of the variants have different scents like lemon or aloe in them, overall it is the same for the whole range.


The efficiency of the Dove body wash is greater than what I expected. It simply checks all the boxes I need in a cheap drugstore for everyday body wash.

First things first – it helps with removing dirt from daily pollution and is apt for everyday usage. It doesn’t lather too much and dry out my overly dry skin, but it also doesn’t make me sweat either. It’s as hydrating as the Dove Soap. I do have to use a thick lotion in the winter, so the oily-skinned girls can also use this. It’s cheap when bought online, and it’s always on sale.

Although it doesn’t help with ingrown hairs or exfoliation like other body washes, it is never made for that. It takes away the sweat and dirt every day, and it doesn’t make your skin sensitive to the least. But you need a scrubbing towel or loofah when using this because then you will get the full effect.

My best friend’s body acne didn’t have any effect on this, but again, this is a plain old body wash that works without making your skin dry. It doesn’t have any harsh surfactants, and Dove superficially uses shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients in the formula to make it more useful.

With Dove Body Wash, I feel fresh and clean after a long day.


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients.
  • Lathers gently but cleans well.
  • Good for all skin types, especially sensitive dry skin types.
  • Great for daily use.
  • The skin feels fresh after a long day.
  • Very cost-effective and often available at huge discounts.
  • Easily available and comes in different sizes.


  • Doesn’t lather much.
  • I need a scrubber to get rid of daily pollution or strawberry legs.
  • Doesn’t do anything for ingrown hair.
  • The pumps squeeze too much product sometimes.
  • It doesn’t do anything for body acne.

My Rating: 4.5/5.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I recommend and am going to repurchase this product when it is on sale.