10 Stylish Nail Trends for Women

Do you enjoy prettying up your nails and trying out new designs or colours? Many of us do, putting lots of effort into making our nails look beautiful. People you interact with each day probably notice your nails more than you might think. You can make a stunning first impression on someone with your beautiful nails, possibly getting a compliment from friends or acquaintances. Doing your nails can be as simple as applying some nail polish at home. If you want to take your beauty routine more seriously, try visiting a nail salon. The salon offers you different kinds of elegant acrylic nails, and a professional will apply them on your behalf. Want to try something new and exciting with your nails? Get inspired by these ten current stylish nail trends:

1. Nude nails

Nude nails will always be in style. The right nude nail polish shade for you will complement your skin tone. Nude nails are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s an ordinary day or a wedding worthy of a fairytale. They can be decorated with different types of embellishments. They can also simply be nude with the finish of your choice.

2. Matte nail polish

Speaking of nail polish finishes, matte nails are trending right now. No matter which matte colour or which design you choose, your matte nails will look as unique as they will be stunning. If you don’t have matte nail polish or a matte nail top coat, you can achieve this style by using a buffer. Use it to gently remove the shiny coat of your regular nail polish.


3. Red nails

Just like nude nails, red nails are a classic that will probably never go out of style. Red nail polish can be romantic, sexy, fierce, passionate, and bold, depending on which shade of red you choose. You can choose to decorate your nails with different designs or embellishments, highlighting that glossy shade of red. For those who feel a little bold, why not try matte red nails?

4. Turquoise nails

If you want something more original than red on your nails, you could try turquoise or aquamarine. This greenish-blue nail polish colour evokes tropical beaches, the sea, and the summer sky. Turquoise nails could be the perfect option for you if you like adding mermaid vibes to your hair, makeup, clothes and fashion accessories.

5. Green nails

Different shades of green can be found on many nails lately, whether they are long or short, casual or sophisticated. Think about pastel green, dark green, grass green, khaki, and every shade of green in between. Any colour of nail polish you choose to apply to your nails is a way to express your unique personality. Still, it’s always fun to try different colours and styles to see what you like.

6. Pastel nails

Pastels are perfect for spring, warm weather, a fresh new beginning, or any time you want soft and gentle colours. Pastel nail polish can be used to create different designs, whether it’s a French manicure, ombre nails, or fun patterns or drawings. You can also use one different pastel shade for each of your nails for an original style that is sure to get noticed.

7. Metallic nails

For something bold and extravagant, you could try shiny metallic nails. They reflect light, and they are impossible to ignore. A metallic finish can be added to any colour you want. You can also stick to silver, gold, rose gold, or other precious metals that will turn your nails into beautiful jewels. Metallic nail polish can be used to create different designs and add a touch of glamour to every day.

8. Marble nails

Marble nails are another example of a trending style that will instantly add glamour and luxury to the tip of your fingers. You can easily create this effect by combining different colours of nail polish, drawing marble veins with a darker colour and a touch of gold glitter. You can combine any colours you like for a marble effect that will be truly unique.

9. Animal prints

Are you looking for a fun way to show your wild side? Decorating your nails with animal prints could do the trick. You can easily get some inspiration from your favourite animal, whether it’s a snake, a tiger, a leopard, a cheetah, a zebra, or a cow! Animal prints are a lot of fun and can add the perfect finishing touch to your manicure.

10. Rhinestone embellishments

Finally, rhinestone embellishments are a stylish way to decorate your nails, as they can fit with any colour, finish or design. If you feel like your nails are missing something, a few small rhinestones could be all they need to turn from simple to gorgeous. The best thing about rhinestones is that depending on which type of crystals you get, you can reuse them for your next manicure when they fall off.