5 Strobe Cream Uses For The Perfect Glow

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Strobe cream already if you follow the makeup scene, but if not, we’ll give you a little rundown.

What is Strobe Cream?

In essence, a Strobe cream is a beauty multitasker that you would use to softly highlight your skin without reaching out to a heavy-duty glittery highlighter.

Think of it as a mushy cream highlighter. Strobe creams’ light-reflecting ingredients aid you in achieving that contoured, lit-up appearance.


What makes strobe cream different from highlighter and primer?

A Strobe cream has a much more subdued impact than a highlighter, therefore it’s not the same thing (as a highlighter). Consider it a highlighter without the over-the-top sheen. It’s also not a primer, even though it may have similar effects to various primers on the market and can usually be used in their place. You would use a strobe cream when trying to get a subtle makeup look. Strobe cream is also applied over primer to cover up any imperfections you don’t want to show through.

It does it all and can be used every day and on pretty much every occasion. It can be worn as a standalone or you can layer concealer, blush, highlighter- all your makeup on top of it.

Since Strobe cream comes in a range of hues, it’s best to select one that matches your skin tone or the tint you desire for that particular look you’re looking for.

Who is it for?

Using a Strobe cream doesn’t require you to be an expert makeup artist. If all you want to do is softly highlight certain parts of your face, or brighten and enliven your face or noticeable skin areas like your neck and shoulders, then a Strobe cream is your best bet. As its results are neither excessive nor incomprehensible on the skin.

5 Strobe Cream Uses For the Perfect Glow

Strobe Cream can be used in a variety of ways; the following are some of the most common applications for Strobe cream:

1. With your Foundation

Most foundations work well with strobe creams. Assuming you’ve chosen a tint that complements your natural skin tone. If you want to look like you have dewy makeup, strobe cream combined with foundation is definitely the way to go.

It also functions as a primer here and can be applied underneath the foundation. However, if you’re opting for the strobe beneath the foundation, you’ll want to choose something with moisturizing qualities to keep the skin appearing glowing for longer. And in that scenario, the MAC Strobe Cream—which doubles as a primer—would be a great choice because it also functions as a brightening moisturizer. Post-application, it reveals an illuminating finish. It’s not sticky or heavy at all, and it sinks well. MAC strobe cream is the ideal cream for all occasions.

2. As a Moisturiser

Strobe cream works well with absolutely everything, including your moisturizer. Strobe cream is the way to go when you want to ditch make-up but still look put-together. The Lakme Lumi Skin Cream is a strobe cream that also works as a brightening moisturizer and illuminates your entire face. Though it’s neither heavy nor sticky, it offers a muted shimmering effect that works well on nearly all skin types. And since it’s non-comedogenic, even acne skin can use it without concern.

And don’t forget to layer your sunscreen on top. Or put it on top of sunscreen – works either way.

3. With your Primer

If your primer isn’t covering up those pesky areas, strobe cream is the way to go. You can combine strobe cream and a primer to create a vibrant look. You can also use a primer first and then conceal the trouble spots with this. And to get that perfect healthy gleaming look, Illuminated Swiss Beauty Real Makeup Base Highlighting Primer makes an excellent pick. This is a primer and strobe cream in one- leaving you with the most flawless appearance. It isn’t glittery at all and helps you achieve that appearance of luminous skin.


4. As a Highlighter

Strobe cream to the rescue when you’re feeling like chucking out your foundation and concealer. It gives the effect of soft highlights as if coming from within. It can help accentuate your nose, cheekbones, and other features you wish to draw attention to. The NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator gives you that mushed shimmery effect you want. It’s perfect for highlighting your cheekbones and even collarbones. Its shimmering, creamy look is ideal for any evening.

5. Round the eyes

A strobe cream can help make your eye makeup stand out if you’re an eye makeup enthusiast. Putting eye shadow on top of strobe cream can make it sit more naturally and look more vibrant. Also, applying strobe cream to the inner corners of your eyes can possibly brighten your entire face if your face appears weary and droopy.

Faces Canada Strobe Cream contains hyaluronic acid, which instantly brightens weary eyes and leaves you with plump-looking skin. It absorbs quickly and effortlessly glides across the skin. It is extremely hydrating so it will keep your eye skin from drying out.

If you want to know whether a strobe cream is right for you or not, you should put it on and compare it with a few others. And do tell us in the comments below about your favorite strobe cream technique.