Spinz BB Brightening & Beauty Talc Review

I did not use Talcum powders when I was a teenager or more so even when I was a kid. On rare occasions when I used them I always felt that they made me look ashy or too white. But recently when I came to know about the Spinz BB Talc through an ad, I found it really interesting; but at the same time I had thoughts like will a talcum powder be able to perform like a BB cream. So I picked up the Spinz BB Talc on one of my casual outings and has been testing it out since then. Do continue to read if you want to know if it replaced my everyday BB cream.

About Spinz BB Talc (in their own words):

Stop using the ordinary white body talc on your face, and switch to a revolutionary new product that will make you look extraordinary. Spinz Beauty & Brightening Talc is the World’s first BB Talc, specially formulated for the face. Spinz BB Talc comes in natural skin colour, and blends evenly , giving the skin an instant glow & a smooth feel. More Importantly, The Spinz BB Talc covers spots and blemishes, making your skin look even-toned and radiant.


You’ll get,

  • Even toned brightness
  • Instant Glow
  • Covers spots and blemishes

Spinz BB Talc contains minerals and is made with micro particles, to deliver a superfine texture to the skin. When applied to your face, it blends evenly covering spots and blemishes, imparting smoothness with an instant glow. Spinz BB Talc also absorbs excess oil & sweat, keeping your skin look fresh.


It comes in various sizes and has a shelf life of 2 years.

Price: Rs.20 for 30 gm, Rs.40 for 60 gm

Available in leading department stores or you can buy online HERE.

My take on Spinz BB Talc :

This is basically a talcum powder with Talc forming the majority of its base ingredient. The packaging is similar to any other talcum powders; tall and sleek with a rotate-able top wherein you can get the product out. The whole packaging is beige in color and it is easily noticeable and unique among a rack of various powders.

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The Spinz BB Talc is a very finely milled powder that flies away easily once it’s dispensed out of the bottle. It has a strong feminine floral fragrance that subsides soon after application, but still it might be a bother for people with sensitive nose. The powder itself is light beige in color and would suit medium to fair skin tones.


Though it does not cover spots and blemishes much, it evens out my skin tone and gives a nice polished look. The BB Talc goes well on moisturized skin and I like to use it with a fluffy powder brush or sponge. When applied directly on dry skin without moisturizing, it does accentuate fine lines and laugh lines. This did not make me look too white or ashy as compared to other white talcum powders I have tried.

Spinz BB Talc makes my skin radiant, soft, smooth and keeps it oil-free for about 2-3 hours in normal weather condition. I also loved using this as a setting powder on top of my normal BB cream or makeup. Overall, if you are into talcum powders and wants to have a quick polished look, you can get this. This is reasonably affordable and a nice product except that, don’t expect it to cover your acne marks or blemishes.


  • Neat packaging.
  • Affordable price.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Very finely milled powder.
  • Makes your skin soft, smooth and radiant.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Controls oil to a certain extent.
  • Suitable for fair to medium skin tone.


  • Does not cover spots or blemishes as claimed.
  • Might look ashy on dark skin toned ladies.

Rating: 4/5


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    I don’t use talcum powder. But reading your review I’m thinking of buying one.

  2. Glad i found your post..!!! I was going to buy talc and went through your review. it really helped me . Thank you so much.

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