How much does Hair Botox Treatment Cost? Is it good for your hair? Know Everything

Hair Botox Treatment

Being a girl with rebellious dry and frizzy hair, all my life I was desperately trying expensive products to make it more tame. Nothing was working and it’s keep making me frustrated and broke. After joining the hostel I was exposed to hard water which made my hair more sparse and problematic. Parlor aunties kept taunting me by charging more in hair spas and telling me to do keratin treatment. It was out of the question for me as we recently found out a lot of keratin treatments include formaldehyde which creates problems with fertility and development toxicity. Also being a girl with thin hair I don’t like the poking straight hair aesthetic as well. But when I got to know about Hair Botox Treatment and its ability to maintain natural hair type with more hydration and volume, I thought this is exactly the thing I need. So today I am going to share my Hair Botox journey from start to end along with the ins and outs of this popular hair treatment.

Let’s begin with the basics, so

What is Hair Botox?

Hair botox is basically making your hair strands coat with Keratin so that it can look more healthy and lustrous. It also adds extra hydration to the strands and makes it look more sleek. Botox is essentially a rejuvenation treatment for your hair that gives semi-permanent results. It fills and coats any broken bonds or thin areas of your hair so that it looks more full and manageable.


Benefits of Hair Botox Treatment

Hair botox is one of the most trending and popular treatments right now for its benefits.

  • It helps to manage hair frizz and unmanageable hair.
  • It coats and nourishes broken bonds and split ends.
  • Hair botox locks in shine and hydration for a heavy period.
  • It helps to give volume to your hair and make it look more naturally healthy.
  • It gives a natural straightening effect without being poker straight.
  • Hair Botx lasts longer compared to other treatments.

Who should go for Hair Botox?

People with all frizzy and unmanageable dry hair should go for Hair Botox. Also if one is having a problem with hair shine, hydration, and moisturization then hair botox seems to help them the most. Straight to wavy to curly hair types, men and women irrespective of gender can benefit from this treatment when done with quality products. This doesn’t mean it will make the hair look more straight. It only means it will make your hair look healthy as a horse.

How does it compare with other treatments like Keratin, Cysteine, and Nanoplastia?

There are a lot of differences between Keratin, Cysteine, Nanoplastia, and Hair botox.

Hair Botox Vs Cysteine

Like for cysteine which is a hair protein treatment, should be left alone in the hair for 24 hours then you have to come and finish the treatment whereas keratin and hair botox doesn’t need that much amount of time. It can be done in one sitting.

Hair Botox Vs Keratin

While keratin treatment helps you to achieve straight, smooth frizz-free hair, Hair Botox doesn’t alter the natural state of your hair, which gives your hair a natural bounce and volume. Also, Hair Botox works on tannin protein, which is present in the hair strands but keratin works with the keratin protein in the hair.

Hair Botox Vs Nanoplastia

Nanoplastia on the other hand helps to deliver the nutrients and vitamins in the hair shaft. Although hair botox has some vitamin E or other oils to help with hydration it is not the intended use of the treatment. Some Keratin treatments have formaldehyde but Hair Botox treatments don’t involve any bad ingredients like this.

Nanoplastia, Keratin, and Cysteine will straighten your hair but hair botox makes your hair naturally healthy and doesn’t alter your hair curls or waves.

Steps of Hair Botox Process

The hair botox procedure is like any other chemical hair treatment. It doesn’t include any injections, unlike skin botox treatments. It involves a heavy mask and wet hair.

Consult: Once you get to the salon, the specialist takes a look at your hair strand and derives a customized treatment that is apt for your hair.

Prepare: Any hair treatment begins on clean. So the stylists will wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and then follow it u with conditioner as you would do at home regularly. Just that they would use professional range hair products.


Treat: Your personalized hair botox mask is applied to your hair from root to scalp, covering each and every area. It will be done on damp hair and will be massaged gently for the product to penetrate deeply.

Leave on: The mask is then left for 1 to 1.5 hours. They may cover it with a cling-on wrap for optimal performance. After that, the specialist will massage it one more time and help you clean off the mask in the sink.

Wash & Style: Once the hair is washed, they may blow dry and style it as per your needs and may apply a serum. One can see the results immediately.

Hair Botox Process

Hair Botox Results

Hair botox makes your hair look glossy, shiny, and frizz-free for 6-7 months. It looks naturally healthy unlike some other treatments and gives you a confident look. It also helps with split ends, breakage, and hydration. Someone with curly hair will see more defined curls and manageable hair as well.

Hair Botox Treatment Review

My Experience with hair botox was not very different from others as I have quite thin but freezy and dry hair. It was getting impossible for me to style every day and my brother’s wedding was also on the corner so I said why not! It took them 6 hours to do the procedure and then they told me I can not tie or wash my hair for 2 days straight. This was the hard part for me as I never let my hair open. And I had to sleep in a manner that the hair doesn’t get wavy.

I had to go to the salon once more to do a heavy moisturizing-based spa. After that, my hair felt very smooth and somewhat straight. It may or may not look too flat for my liking but the flatness went away after 2-3 weeks. But the frizzy ness was gone, I could get out of the shower and not detangle my hair and go for the day. The amount of time I spent straightening my hair felt like nothing. I somehow looked smarter and more confident after doing this.

But then the problem began to start, despite doing all the routines that they gave me I was experiencing high hair fall and hair thinning and no amount of minoxidil and other products gave me results.


How long does it last?

It lasted a full 6 months for me then the effect was there but I was having new little hair on the top of my head which became quite freezy like my previous hair. When that hair grew, it came back to normal but my previous hair which was now at the end of the cycle was still straight and smooth even after 1 year. After that, I had to cut it off.

Side Effects/Disadvantages:

Several side effects can be seen after doing hair botox. Other than hair thinning and hair fall, the major disadvantage is that one can experience more dry hair after doing this process, which was more than three times in my case. A lot of people in my group who have done this treatment told me to never do this because they have lost their normal hair growth. Hair looks dull after some time and no amount of serums can make it glossy. Of course, the hair came back to normal but it took me a lot of time and patience with expensive products.


One needs to maintain their hair quite vigorously after doing this treatment otherwise hair fall will be a daily issue. They need to use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and bond repairing mask, mostly given by their salon experts and they need to do spa once in a while for that extra care. It was said to me that I should never do heat styling without using heat protection spray and never oil my hair with parachute oil anymore. They also included that I should use the serum that was given to me every day so that my hair doesn’t become dry and crunchy.

Hair Botox Treatment Price:

The cost of hair botox treatment depends on multiple factors. The price often depends on the condition, type, length, and thickness of your hair and the type of treatment one would need. The other major factor that decides the price is the location – it varies from state to state and salon to salon. If you go to a high-end salon in big cities, then you might have to pay a lot more, mostly because of the aesthetics and better quality of products used for the treatment. It also depends on the stylist’s expertise – popular, experienced stylists charge more while some charge less.

Cost in India:

I have done hair botox in one of the Jawad Habib salons in my state. It cost me 8000 INR in Kolkata.

In Mumbai, the cost is double with a whopping 15000 INR in one of the high-end saloons that celebrities usually visit.

But In Assam where some of my family resides, they have done this treatment for 5000 INR.

In Chennai, the prices start from 6000 INR for a mid-range salon and can go up to 20000 INR.

Cost in US/Canada:

The cost of hair botox in major cities in the US starts from $300 and upwards, the average being $500. However, you can get at-home hair botox treatment kits for as low as $50.

Hair Botox Brands in India:

There are a lot of hair botox brands available in India. High-End Saloon’s use ranges from GK to Kerastase but there are also brands named Argatin, Ceralise, MK Professionals, Cocochoco, and many more.

Bottom Line

Hair botox is really a two-edged sword. It can be seen as a nightmare or a dream. It depends on you. If you have thick and coarse hair then maybe this can be done once in a while to manage your unruly hair but other than that, I suggest you not to chemically treat your hair as much as possible.