How to remove lice from hair permanently at home?

Remove Lice From Hair

Looking for home remedies to remove lice from hair permanently? These tiny wingless creatures are a nuisance to our scalp. Hark back to those old school days. That tingly, itchy scalp is no less than a nightmare in the album of our childhood memories.

How do head lice start? 

Before throwing a deadly attack on the army of these micro enemies, let’s understand a bit about them. These small wingless parasites feed mercilessly on the blood on our scalp. The most common and probable reason for getting head lice could be that you have been in close contact (head to head) with someone who carries it or you have shared a pillow, headphones, scarf, hat, hairbrush, or hairband with them.

How to know if it is lice or lice eggs?

These symptoms will help you to know if you have lice or nites. Common signs of head lice are:


1. Itching, Itching, and more Itching

Itching is the most common symptom of head lice. Due to the allergic reactions to their bites, you feel extreme and uncontrollable itchiness on your scalp, ears, and neck.

2. Tickling feeling

You might feel something crawling on your scalp or behind your ears. The louse grabs the base of your hair follicles with its claws to feed on the blood on your scalp. It makes you feel like something is walking slowly over your head.

3. Visibility

When you begin noticing the above two symptoms, seek someone’s help to section your hair and check these tiny critters. If they notice almost microscopic size insects crawling on your scalp or small white/ grey particles attached to hair shafts, then there are lice or nits (lice eggs) feasting on your scalp.

How to get rid of lice in one day?

You might have landed on this page because you desperately want to remove head lice overnight permanently. The market has many chemical shampoos for removing lice but somehow they damage your hair as well. Check out these home remedies for lice egg removal.

DIY hair oil to suffocate and kill head lice

What do you need

·       Coconut oil – 2 tablespoon

·      Neem oil for hair– 1 tablespoon

·       Tea tree essential oil- 2-3 drops

·       Citronella essential oil- 2-3 drops

Combine all ingredients and apply them to your scalp. Leave it for 10-12 hours and wash it out with a regular shampoo.


Wet combing

Take a fine-toothed comb (available in the market, especially for lice removal) and use it on wet hair strands. Divide the hair into small sections and pull the comb from the scalp to the end in a single stroke.

Rinse the comb with boiled water after every use.

Sterilize everything

Disinfect your linen, hairbrush, hair accessories, and everything else you had used in the past 2-3 days. Use hot soapy water at a temperature of not less than 54oC (130oF) for this purpose. In case of unwashable items like headphones, seal them in an airtight container or a zip pouch for 15 days.

OTC Medications

In any case, if these lice removal home remedies don’t work for you, use a medicated lotion or spray. Seek the guidance of your pharmacist, physician, or dermatologist.


How long does it take to know if you have lice?

It depends upon the factor that how soon you get symptoms after infestation. It may take four to six weeks for the itching to initiate in the person who had head lice for the first time.

How do you know if it is lice or dandruff?

Although itching is a common symptom between the two, it is not hard to understand whether you have head lice or dandruff.

·       Itching is more intense (or irresistible) due to lice or nits.


·       Adult lice reside on the scalp and are of tan, grey, brown, or black in color while nits are teardrop-shaped particles attached to the hair shafts and are of yellow, brown, or white color. On the contrary, dandruff is yellow or white in color and in the form of flakes scattered over the scalp.

·       Lice is highly contagious while dandruff is not.

What happens if you don’t treat lice?

Untreated lice can be life-threatening. Strange but true! Uncured head lice can lead to serious bacterial infections. How does it happen? You scratch your scalp as if there is no tomorrow, thus creating minor cuts on the skin. It provides a loophole for the bacteria to enter your bloodstream, which leads to Cellulitis and dreadful bacterial infection. If uncured, this infection can further spread to the lymph nodes and turn into a grievous matter.

How long can lice live on a hairbrush?

The life span of adult lice is of up to 48 hours without having their meal, i.e. blood. Nevertheless, you should hot wash your pillow, linen, comb, and all other accessories when you are trying to get rid of head lice infestation.

Can you see head lice with your eyes?

Although lice and nits are of almost microscopic size, it is not difficult to see them with naked eyes.

What home remedy kills lice the fastest?

Apart from the oils mentioned above, these items are proved to be equally effective home remedies for nits and head lice. If you or your child is allergic to any ingredient mentioned above, replace it with any of these oils.

·       Anise oil

·       Ylang-Ylang oil

·       Eucalyptus mile

·       Peppermint oil

·       Clove oil

·       Cinnamon oil

·       Lavender oil

·       Nutmeg oil

Take away

Home remedies for lice removal should be followed prudently. There is no evidence that mayonnaise or fuming removes nits or lice. Head lice and nits do not go overnight. As they have a life cycle of 9 days, you need to follow these remedies for 10 days for effective results.