How to Moisturize Hair without Oils? Alternatives to Hair Oils

Moisturize Hair Without Oils - Hair Oil Substitutes

Are you tired of your greasy-looking hair after using hair oils? Let’s find out hair oil substitutes that can be used to moisturize hair without making it limp and oily.

We adore oil; they’re fantastic! But let’s face it, nobody wants to use them perpetually. Also, the goal is to have a healthy, moisturized scalp, not an oily one, right? There are at least a dozen various ways to accomplish that without using any oils.

Don’t believe me?


Then you should continue reading to find out what they are. And if they seem enjoyable to you, go try them out.

1. Hair Serums

The first one you undoubtedly would have predicted. Now, serums could resemble oils to certain people, but they are definitely not greasy like their counterparts. Serums are really simple to use and add moisture instantaneously, giving your hair an instant glossy, smooth appearance. They will also eliminate whatever fizz you may have had.

After taking a shower, softly towel dry your hair because most serums are supposed to be applied to damp hair. Warm up a few drops of serum between your palms before applying it to your hair lightly. However, avoid using the serum on the scalp as it may make the hair appear oily.

2. Pre-Conditioners

You are aware that we frequently apply hair oils before washing our hair, which results in softer hair after washing. Pre-conditioning is what we’re doing there with the oil, only occasionally do we use a conditioner in place of the oil. Basically, you apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, whether they are dry or slightly damp, and then wait for it to work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes before shampooing. For anyone with dry hair or split ends, this is a great option.

Pre-conditioning is a great way to maintain moisture while getting rid of the heavy, overly chemical feeling and leftover conditioner, which occasionally makes hair feel heavy and unappealing.

3. Hair Moisturizers

A Hair Moisturiser is one of the unique products the hair care industry has to offer that is worth checking out. They are pretty simple to use too. They also instantly give your hair a lustrous appearance. For last-minute preparation, they are ideal. Just double-check the box and see if your hair moisturizer should be applied to the scalp or only the ends of your hair. We’ve covered some of the Best Scalp Moisturizers available in the market.

4. Deep Masking

You’ve certainly heard of the popular Garnier banana mask from last year, and it didn’t get all the attention for nothing. Your dry, severely-damaged hair could be saved with a good hair mark. Deep Masking leaves hair looking moisturized and healthy. Therefore, all you need to restore your hair is a deep mask, regardless of the damage it has sustained from heat or coloring.

5. Homemade Hair Masks

We have organic remedies, so you don’t always need to buy new items in order to take care of your hair. These DIY Homemade Hair Masks are quite simple and genuinely effective at giving your hair the extra care it needs. These are the best natural substitutes for hair oils.

a. The Banana Mask

Blend one banana and some curd to make a banana mask. Apply it to your scalp and hair, then rinse it out after 20 minutes. This mask works wonders to add keratin treatment-like luster to your hair.

b. The Shea Butter Mask

For this one, all you have to do is warm some Shea butter in your hands and massage it onto your hair and scalp. Be sure to use a shampoo without sulfates too washing it off. Take your time with this one. Shea Butter has incredible soothing and moisturizing properties. It’s excellent for managing curls.


c. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Begin with shampooing your hair. Then use a mixture of one spoonful of apple cider vinegar and three spoonfuls of water to massage your length and scalp. Either use a conditioner afterward or simply wash it off. It leaves hair looking glossy appearance and feather soft. But be careful not to overdo this one as vinegar is extremely acidic; Once a week is plenty.

d. The Aloe Gel Mask

Aloe Vera Gel can be made at home or purchased at a store; both methods of application are the same. Start massaging the scalp with some gel on your fingertip tips before applying it gently to the lengths and ends of the hair. Let it stay for 20ish minutes then thoroughly wash it off. You’ll have the glossiest hair with this mask.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make sure your hair has continued health, you should already be doing this. Use a sulphate-free shampoo, particularly one that is moisturizing with some hydrating ingredients like panthenol, argan oil, and hemp among others; since it will improve the health of your hair over the long term. Use a moisturizing conditioner as well; it can make or break your appearance. An excellent conditioner would definitely aid you in managing the care of your hair and enhancing its overall appearance. A moisturizing conditioner will restore and increase the moisture in the hair.

Hope you picked up some new tips on how to keep your hair moisturized longer without using oils.

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