How To Know If Your Skincare Is Working Or Not

How to know if skincare is working or not

Skin irritation, rashes, and bumps are typical indicators that a product isn’t working for you. But how do you tell if and when a product is working for you?

How to check if a Skincare Product is working?

First, we must spend enough time with a certain product. For any product, we suggest sticking with it for a minimum of two weeks before expecting to see any changes. Some people advise waiting 28 days since that is how long the epidermis (top layer of skin) needs to regenerate.

The effects of cleansers are immediate.


Your moisturizers, and spot treatments should make some visible changes to your skin in about two weeks.

But when trying to figure out whether certain active serums, such as Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid, and treatments, are effective, it is recommended to use them for around two months.

Retinols will cause skin purging and take time to show results, but after the first week or two, they shouldn’t irritate the skin anymore.

But before you fully commit to a product, Patch testing is generally advised. A patch test is simply applying the product to your skin, typically the inner forearm or behind the ear. Put it on for however long you regularly use skin care. To get a decent idea, it is usually a good idea to run patch tests for around a week. Redness may be an immediate response, but pimples or a rash may be a more delayed reaction. If that happens, it means the product isn’t for you.

If there is no allergic or skin reaction, start with the product and look for the visible signs that it is working.

Before using the product, take photos of your face. After that, take photos every week to compare. Definitely continue to use it if you notice a positive change. Otherwise, chuck it.

3 Signs Your Skincare Routine is Working For You

Softer and Brighter skin

Your night-time routine is certainly working when you consistently wake up with smoother, brighter skin. So continue with it; it would be great if nothing new is added here.


Long-lasting skin hydration or dewy skin are strong indicators that a product is effective. Skin retains water for a longer period of time and glows, which is different from being oily. It feels plump to the touch, and there isn’t any irritation.

Healthier Texture

Texture reduction is extremely noticeable since it results in fewer blackheads and rapidly fading dark spots. The pores may be smaller and you’ll notice fewer bumps. Skin evens and discoloration reduce with better texture.

What must not occur when using a product?

Your skin shouldn’t be experiencing new problems from products like redness, dullness, or inflammation. The skin shouldn’t be becoming more sensitive or milia-prone after just a few days of usage. And it should definitely not be causing breakouts.


A good product isn’t supposed to burn or irritate skin. So, if you notice definitive signs of a strong skin reaction, do visit a dermatologist for a quick check-up.