10 Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India 2021

Unfortunately ever since the world hit with the deadly coronavirus, masks and sanitizers have become staples in our everyday life. It has become essential to keep us protected and maintain a healthy hygiene. Washing our hands with soap frequently was one of the precautions recommended by WHO. But washing them often can be a hassle especially if you are working outside. This is where Hand Sanitizers come in handy. Hand Sanitizers are usually a liquid or gel that can be used without water to give on-the-go protection. This post will help you find out the Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India.

Hand Sanitizer – Buying Guide

Please don’t be mislead by any all-natural hand sanitizers, because they can never protect you from deadly germs. You certainly need a hand sanitizer that has an alcohol content of over 60% and above to be able to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. The alcohol used is usually Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol), or n-propanol.

How to use a hand sanitizer?

  1. Take a pea-sized drop of the product on your palm.
  2. Spread over your palms, back of the hands, and fingernails.
  3. Rub briskly until dry.

When to use sanitizers?

  1. Whenever and wherever you touch any external surface.
  2. While commuting by bus, train & flights.
  3. Before eating outside, unless your hands are visibly soiled.
  4. At your workplace.
  5. In playgrounds.

Precautions whilst using sanitizers

  1. Hand sanitizers are highly inflammable due to the presence of high alcohol content. So keep away from fire and flame.
  2. Do not use it on your hands right before cooking, especially on a gas top stove, as you will be handling food close to the fire.
  3. Avoid contact with eyes.
  4. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid storing at above 40° C.
  5. Keep away from children. Children should use them only under adult supervision.

10 Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India

1. Dettol Original Instant Hand Sanitizer

Dettol is the name we all know when it comes to disinfectants. With 80 years of experience in the field, Dettol stands as one of the most reliable and trusted brands for hand sanitizers. In fact, it is recommended by the Indian Medical Association and is the safest sanitizer for both kids and adults. It is gel-based with 72.34% alcohol content effectively killing 99.9% germs at one go. The original variant has a classical Dettol scent which isn’t irritating. Dettol Sanitizers come in two more fragrances: Floral Essence and Spring Fresh. This is literally one of the Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India.


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2. Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer

From the House of Hindustan Unilever, Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer gives protection against 99.9% bacteria and viruses. It contains over 60% alcohol content with a combination of both Ethyl Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol. The gel-based formulation is further enriched with Niacinamide and Glycerin to leave the skin nourished. It has got a hint of strawberry fragrance to it.

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3. Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer

If you are looking for a Herbal Hand Sanitizer in India, you should definitely try the Himalaya PureHands. It has 60% alcohol content along with time-tested ayurvedic herbs such as Coriander, Vetiver, Nutgrass, Spike Ginger Lily, and Neem. The herbs have natural antibacterial, antimicrobial properties to prevent infection and ensure total hand hygiene. Available in 5 variants – Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Litchi. Each one has distinct refreshing fragrances of its own corresponding to the variant name.

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4. Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Palmolive is quite popular for having body washes with aromatic fragrances. This anti-bacterial sanitizer is no different. It has an exotic gentle aroma of jasmine with the refreshing power of green lemon. The no-rinse, non-sticky gel is gentle on the hands and leaves them clean, soft, and pampered. Not to forget, the Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer has a highly efficient formula with 72.34% alcohol content of Ethanol IP to kill 99.9% germs.

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5. Tri-Active Instant Hand Sanitizer

Tri-Active Instant Hand Sanitizer is a disinfectant gel that provides triple protection against bacteria and germs. It’s has got a potent formula with 72.34% Alcohol to kill illness-causing germs instantly. The sanitizer has a perfume kind of scent, though it’s mild.

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6. Sterlomax Hand Rub Sanitizer and Disinfectant

SterloMax Sanitizer is a pharmaceutical-grade WHO Recommended Formulation that is highly effective against pathogens. It comes in two variants. The pink bottle has 80% Ethanol and the blue bottle has 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. Both are liquid sanitizers that are 0.2 micro-filtered to fight against bacteria, fungi, antibiotic-resistant bacteria Tubercle Bacillus, and viruses including HCV. They have a mild, pleasant medicinal scent that isn’t overpowering like many strongly scented sanitizers.

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7. Asian Paints Viroprotek Advanced Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Coming from the popular Asian Paints, this is a liquid sanitizer with 75% Isopropanol. It has got a patented formula reinforced with clove oil, which has antimicrobial properties. And Yes, it smells like clove oil. It is skin-safe and claims to be safe even for kids and pregnant women making it one of the Best Liquid Hand Sanitizer in India.

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8. VLCC Hand Sanitizer

VLCC Hand Sanitizer is a gel-based, sulphate free, paraben-free hand sanitizer. Containing 72% alcohol (spirit and Isopropyl Alcohol), it effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It’s enriched with Tree Tea Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Aloe Vera Extract which prevents drying and keeps your hands nourished. Above all, it has got a soothing pleasant fragrance and is affordable.

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9. St D’vence Cleanser Hand Rub

St D’vence Cleanser Hand Rub is formulated with 70% Denatured Alcohol to protect against a broad range of bacteria and viruses. It is enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid which holds 100x moisture to keep your hands from drying out. Thus making it one of the Best Hydrating Hand Sanitizer for dry skin in India. It also contains USDA Organic Aloe Vera and Basil Oil. Furthermore, it is free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalate, and other harmful chemicals.

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10. Plum Hello Aloe No Stick Hand Cleansing Gel

Plum Hello Aloe No Stick Hand Cleansing Gel is a vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free Hand Sanitizer. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol to defend against germs and calming Aloe Vera & Glycerin to keep your hands from drying out. It has a mild soothing fragrance added to it.

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With this post, I hope you were able to find out the best sanitizer for you.