10 Weight Loss Tips At Home without Compromising Your Immunity

When you are trying to manage your overall body weight, keeping an eye on your daily meals and a
proper workout routine are bare necessities. Ever since the pandemic started, there has been a
drastic change in our daily lives. The essential movement restrictions have made a total
transformation in our day to day chores. After a long and tiring session of work from home, we are
trying to find solace in binge-streaming our favourite web series or eating our heart out. Eating filling
foods is a must because we need to keep our immunity strong. Are you gaining extra inches
everywhere due to all eating and no gymming? Wondering how to lose weight without losing on
immunity? Yes, you can easily do it at the convenience of your own home and that too without
paying a single extra dime. Just follow these golden Weight Loss Tips At Home and see how your body transforms!

10 Weight Loss Tips At Home without Compromising Your Immunity

1. Keep Moving

Our body is like a machine that has been designed to move. Holding the same posture for a prolonged
period brings about diminishing changes in our joints at an earlier age. It also affects our metabolic
rate, digestive system and aids in drastic fat accumulation. Sitting at one position for more than 30-
45 minutes is harmful to the body. Try to take a 2-4 minutes break every 45 minutes to 1 hour. Do
light stretching or just stroll about your room in that time out session. It will keep your body fit and
functional in the long run and aid in the weight loss process.

2. Cut Back on Empty Calories

One of the easiest Weight Loss Tips At Home is to cut back on empty calories. Sugar, salt, excess oil or even dairy laden junk foods always taste best in comparison with leafy
vegetables or salads. Sadly, these yummy treats do not add any healthy inputs to or body. Excess
sugar and salt cause body bloating, fats disrupt our digestion process and cause diseases like
obesity, a heart issue. Junk foods and carbonated drinks are major culprits behind unhealthy weight
gain. Cut back on these and you’ll be able to lose a considerable decrease in your weight in 2-4 weeks.
Find healthier substitutes for fast foods and keep snacking with these from time to time. Various
kinds of nuts, pumpkin seeds, and toasted chia seeds are great snacks as they are filled with plan
based proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and good carbohydrates.


3. Replace Simple Carbs with Complex Ones

This tip is related to the one we were discussing just now. Our foods are generally categorised into
carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Proteins help in muscle growth while carbohydrates and fats work
as the fuel to run our body’s activities. The main job of carbohydrates is to produce energy and the
minor job is to store food for later in the form of fat in various body parts. Simple carbohydrates like
sugar, sweets, candies, glucose drinks produce energy at a faster rate and also gets stored as fat at
a faster pace. They get digested faster and make you feel hungry in no time. Do not rely on these
cheat carbohydrates because they have a tendency to make you obese. Add complex carbohydrates
like brown rice, wheat flour, and oats in your daily diet and consume them in moderate amount. This
replacement will keep you satiated for longer; reduce food craving and the tendency of binge eating.

4. Indulge in Metabolism Boosting

Having a good metabolism rate plays a pivotal role in your overall health. It also has a deep impact on
your body weight. High metabolism rate means more burning of food and less accumulation of fat in
the body. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle have a low metabolic rate. Staying active throughout
the day keeps our metabolic rate stable. This way, we stay healthy as well as fat-free. Metabolism
rate also depends on your diet. If you eat breakfast late and take unhealthy food items as your first
meal, your metabolism rate slows down. Make sure you eat filling food with good carbohydrate,
fibre, protein and healthy fat at breakfast and lunch. Cut back fatty and sugar-based items from your
dinner and snack.

5. High-Intensity Workout Based on Your Fitness Level

Done with correct supervision, High-intensity workouts works like magic for weight management.
High-intensity workouts are basically cardio exercises combined with strength boosting exercise
routine. In this, we keep doing certain exercises at a fast pace for 30-60 seconds. Then we take a small
break and repeat the routine for 2-3 more times. This causes increased heart rate and muscle toning
together with inflated fat loss. Most high-intensity workouts do not require any additional
equipment. You can easily do them at home by yourself. To get the maximum benefit without injury,
pick exercises according to your body’s fitness level.

6. Be Regular at Immunity Boosting Weightloss Drinks

Instead of store-bought preservative-laden fruit juice or carbonated drinks try simple immunity
boosting drinks at home. Some of these drinks are great for weight loss too. Warm lemon water is
one such drink. Take 200ml lukewarm water. Squeeze half lemon to it and add 1 tablespoon honey.
Drink this every morning. It is a good drink for improving digestion and managing weight. Drink
turmeric milk once a day. This is also a good immunity-boosting drink for people of every age.

7. Stress Relief is a Must

Stress is the mother of bad health in general. Stress from various facets of our life often causes havoc
on our body and mind. Stress causes serious digestion related problems, sleep disorders and
premature ageing. Stress is also a big reason behind unnecessary eating and thus weight gain. If you
want to lose the bulkiness from your body, stress relief activities play a key role. Do indulge in
regular meditation sessions, listening to your favourite genre of music, journaling, a quite stress-free
home-date with your family or a pampering shower. We know, it’s not an immediate remedy for
weight loss, but de-stressing definitely has its part in your long term weight management journey.

8. Switch to Locally Grown Fresh Greens

These days we get plenty of exotic vegetables like asparagus in our local markets and malls. Green
vegetables are great for our body in general. But, studies have shown that fresh-picked greens have
more healthy nutrients than greens picked days ago. So, focus more on locally grown green
vegetables and fruits. You can also take microgreens grown from sprouts. You can easily grow these
at home in small plant pots.

9. Quality of Sleep Matters

6-8 hours of sound sleep is a must for your overall wellbeing. Deep sleep helps to calm your mind,
relaxes muscles, repairs body’s digestive system and also repairs skin damages. If you want youthful
skin and a healthy body, maintaining a proper sleep routine should be your top priority. Sleep
deprivation often causes late-night snacking habits. A night the body’s metabolism process is super
slow. Snacking at late hour causes stubborn weight gain.

10. Hydration is the Key

Last but not the least; keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drinking 2-3 litres of water every
day is a must for everyone. Water helps your internal organs to excrete properly and also prevents
untimely food cravings. It is also needed for youthful skin in the long run. Do you know most of the
time we get hungry at the wrong time because of dehydration? If you don’t like drinking plain water
flavour it with a bit of lemon or strawberry.