Best Perfumes For Women under Rs.2000

Everyone likes to smell good and attractive. Nobody prefers the stinking stench of sweat, it is an immediate turn off. Perfumes are always in demand. Every person has their own, individual smell and each individual’s body reacts differently to every other scent in the market. It is thus very important to ensure that you select your perfume carefully, only after making sure that the scent suits your body. Ofcourse buying perfumes in not always easy and choosing your scent is just half the work actually. The other half involves the all-important and omnipresent factor, money. Good perfumes do not by any means, come cheap. So here we bring to you a list of good perfumes, various fragrances and at affordable prices, all under two thousand rupees.

1. La Nuit De Boheme Black by Anna Sui

This sophisticated, warm but sweet fragrance by Anna Sui has a dreamy feel to it. The fragrance is achieved by blending floral and fruity notes of pitahaya, red berries and pear. Along with Rose and lotus petals, the ingredients also include cedar, Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vanilla orchid and golden amber resin. Price: Rs 1,890.

2. Calvin Klein CK In2u

Dedicated to the confident and classy women, this fresh floral and exuberant fragrance is a bestseller all around the world. The ingredients used to achieve this fragrance are grapefruit and bergamot, white cactus, red currant leaves, sugar orchid, amber red cedar and vanilla, with a woody oriental base. Price: Rs 1,666.


3. FCUK Anniversary Edition

You are sure to leave your audience mesmerised with this floral fruity fragrance. This Floral, oriental fragrance, mixed with sandalwood, jasmine and barringtonia flower, cedar, amber and vanilla is a win win. Price: Rs 1,812.

4. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

This fruity yet subtle fragrance gives you NYC feels for sure. Juicy fruity notes black currant  peach and golden apple vanilla , tonka bean, musk, sandalwood, golden amber intertwined with flowers like jasmine,  plum blossom and peony make this a fancy fragrance to look out for. Check out the Nykaa website online, for some amazing Nykaa offers on perfumes.

5. Hugo Boss Orange Sunset

Just the fragrance you would want to wear to a sunny day out, this fresh scent keeps you feeling fresh for hours after the spray. This beautiful fragrance has been mastered from a mixture of mandarin, rose, vanilla, sandalwood and Bergamot. Price: Rs 1,994.

6. DVB Story – Beckham Signature

This one is for all the loyal David Beckham fans. Born from the Beckham’s everlasting love for all things vintage, this fragrance is a mix of sweet flowers and bitter orange peels. Made by the perfumer Nathalie Lorson, this fragrance brings together peach, bitter orange, kumquat, rose, white peony, orange blossom, musk, patchouli and moss.

7. Avon Little Black Dress

A floral feminine yet strong and musky scent will compliment your little black dress in parties. Containing a mix of ingredients thrown in to reach this particular fragrance, this perfume consists of  african ginger, apricot blossom, honey suckle, cyclamen, coriander, gardenia, ylang-ylang, pink peony, jasmine, datura, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk and japanese plum among other additions. Price: Rs 1,121.

8. Benetton Let’s Love

This fresh and fruity smell is the kind that will instantly grow on you. Love at first sight? More like love at first scent! The passion flower has a dominating scent, other than which this composition also has pineapple, bamboo sap and lilies, raspberry and star jasmine, musk cedar and wood completing the fragrance.  Price: Rs 1,620

9. Gap Stay

This perfume has the calming and relaxing effect on you, the kind breezy and cool fragrance that takes away stress helping you feel fresh all day long. The ingredients that contribute to this fresh and cool scent are freesia, lotus, peony, bellflower, lemon blossom, hortensia, sandalwood, amber and musk among others. Price: Rs 1,012.

10. Oriflame Love Potion

This super sweet fragrance is almost equivalent to a love potion doing wonders to set the right mood immediately.  Other than the main ingredients being Chocolate and ginger, this love potion also contains the aroma of slightly sweet cocoa flowers, fresh tangerine, tender lily and vanilla. Price: Rs. 1,505.

Nobody can do without perfumes completely. While some use it on a daily basis, some like to save it use occasionally on parties and special events. But both need to get their hands on the perfumes in the first place. And for that you need to step out and check the fragrances that suit your body or just head online if you have a regular favourite. Either way just spritz on!



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