How to Correctly Apply and Layer Hair Products

You may have heard some ladies claim they wake up with naturally-textured, perfect hair. To be honest, that’s not what happens. At some point, we all use specific hair products to refresh our hairstyles. The critical thing to remember is that it’s not just about piling up one hair product after another. It’s also about layering them correctly, and the above tips should set you on the right path.

How you apply hair products determines how effective they are in revamping your hair. The correct application of hair products gets you great value for your money. Just like layering your outfits can give you that extra stylish look, layering your hair products correctly will provide you with incredible results. 

Use the following eight tips to apply and layer hair products correctly.


1. Use Shampoo and Conditioner

Ensure your hair is clean before you start layering the hair products. Based on the texture of your hair, there are specific types of shampoo and conditioners you should use. If you have thin hair, consider using L’Oreal Paris Ever Strong thickening shampoo and conditioner. 

Use a moisturizing anti-fade system for color-treated hair and frizz-defy shampoo for frizzy hair. The hydra charge conditioner is perfect for curly hair. For more recommendations, consult with your hair salon on which products you should use.

2. Leave-in Treatment

Once you clean your hair, wrap it in a cotton cloth to drain the excess water. Next, apply some leave-in conditioner while focusing on the mid-lengths and hair ends, especially when the hair is damp. This way, the conditioner can be absorbed easily and quickly into the hair. Its lightweight nature will ease the absorption and ensure a clear pathway for the products you will apply afterward. 

Using leave-in conditioners detangle your hair and rehydrate overly dry hair. After applying the leave-in treatment, gently comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb. Start from the hair ends and work your way upwards. If you have stubborn baby hairs that keep standing straight every morning as you go to work, a leave-in conditioner is what you need. Style your hair as desired using hair oil, styling wax, or hair spray.

3. Mousse or Serum

If you’re seeking to achieve a fuller look or distinct curls, use hair mousse. It’s formulated to add that extra height and volume to your hair to make you look fabulous as you go about your day. Hair serum, or oil, on the other hand, polishes your hair strands and prevents frizz. Use a moderate amount, just about the size of your palm, and apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. 

Apply these mid-weight products (hair mousse and serum) onto damp or completely dry hair. You might want to wait until your hair dries up, or immediately apply the hair oil after the hair mousse. Use these products after applying the leave-in conditioner, so you don’t end up with crunchy, dry hair.

4. Heat Protectant

Heat is the leading cause of hair damage and breakage. You need to apply a heat protectant about five minutes before heat-styling your hair. It’s also recommended that you let your hair air-dry to minimize hair damage. 

Comb your hair before using hot tools such as blow dryers or curling irons. This way, the product is evenly distributed, and all of your strands are protected.

5. Finishing Pomade or Hair Spray

This is the last step in your hair care routine. Whether you want to lock in your hairstyle, increase the lifespan of the curls you worked so hard to create, or smoothen stray hairs, so your ponytail is just right, hair spray is the way to go. The golden rule when using hair spray is: less is more. Use small amounts of hair products since it’s easier to add than to remove them.

6. Follow Directions

Most people don’t read the application instructions on the hair product packages. Different products work in different ways and require a variety of elements to be activated. Therefore, always read the instructions carefully before applying the hair product to maximize its benefits. For instance, volumizing sprays, heat protectants, and roof lifters are best applied before using a heating tool. 


7. Avoid Mixing Products with the Same Purpose

When layering hair products, never mix any two products with similar roles. Each hair product should be targeted at a particular aspect of your hair-care routine. Avoid using gel and hairspray as they are both designed for setting and holding your hair in place.

8. Use Enough Hair Products 

Use just enough hair products, especially when layering. Apply small amounts of hair creams and serums. When spraying your hair, the hair spray should be about six inches from your hair. Where necessary, slowly increase your product portions while keeping it light to prevent product build-up.